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Tired of the shortcuts and gimmicks in obtaining Seattle lice removal? Try us at Lice Knowing You for a no nonsense attack on your delousing problem. As you might have already learned, if it sounds to good to be true it probably is.

Beware of companies using heat devices that claim to be only a 30 minute head lice treatment.  Read the fine print and know that we have fixed many of these 30 minute treatments. Please call the FDA info and complaint line at 425-486-8788 to report any misinformation or to get the truth about these lice nit removal devices.

The head lice treatment portion of our service is only 15 minutes, however in addition to your treatment, Lice Knowing You completely removes all lice and nits from the head to ensure that your infestation is gone for good.

Regardless of which Federal Way lice treatment you choose, all lice and nits will need to be removed. There are no shortcuts.  Any Seattle lice removal company telling you differently or telling you that remaining nits in the head are dead and don’t need to be removed is doing you a disservice.

We are the only company that guarantees complete lice and nit removal in only one treatment, and we are the only trained and certified head lice removal service in Seattle and in the State of Washington. We are doctor, nurse and school recommended.

As Seattle’s premier lice treatment salon, Lice Knowing You has been published and praised in many local and regional publications. In addition to our services offered in our two office locations we also will come to you for in home lice removal if you need us to.

Contact us at for more information and to schedule your appointment.


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We are Your Choice for Chemical-Free and Effective Natural Lice Removal

If you are concerned about putting harsh chemicals on your own or your child’s head, consider a natural lice treatment that works without toxic exposure. One of the most effective treatments is manual lice nit removal using a lice comb or tweezers.  This is an in home lice removal method that is advocated by the National Pediculosis Association. This is a very time consuming head lice treatment process and if you are not a professional you may have to repeat the process for several days until all the head lice are gone. Even if you decide to utilize a lice removal shampoo you will still have to take the time to comb out all the nits because many lice removal products do not destroy lice eggs, which will eventually hatch again.

Why has head lice and nits become such a problem?

Head lice are insects and like other insects, repeated exposure to chemicals over an extended period of time has allowed the lice to build up a resistance to the very products once used to kill them, according to Kim Shepherd of and founder of the Shepherd Method of Strand by Strand Nit Removal.

Another important factor is the failure to follow through with precautionary measures. While mega cleaning is not necessary, and the environment does not play as important a role as it was once thought, you must still exercise common-sense cleaning. The best advice is to think of your life in a 24-hour window. Consider what items you had contact with in that time period and keep your focus on those items only. Remember, lice DO NOT live in your home. The problem is on your head and the heads of those around you.

Additionally is the risk that parents just aren’t getting it all out. If nits are left on the hair to hatch, the cycle will start all over again. Equally important is the need to recognize and remove nymphs. Often as tiny as the tip of a very sharp pencil, nymphs grow to start families of their own. Finally, don’t forget it is a contact issue.

While resistance issues are considered a large factor, they are far from being totally responsible. As the pharmaceutical companies are quick to point out, the directions on the package are there for a reason. Unless you are willing to read and follow them in their entirety, you can’t expect the products to end the problem.

That’s where Lice Knowing You steps in to make the Seattle lice removal process a whole lot less time consuming and tedious. For your convenience, we offer professional lice removal at our offices for lice treatment in Mercer Island or for lice treatment in Federal Way. Visit us at for more information on how to make your appointment today.


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Lice Knowing You Stands Behind a “No-Nit” Policy

Lice Knowing You wants to help you protect your children against head lice in schools with our organic lice prevention spray and regular head lice checks. Remember, once a week take a peek! Proper head lice checks are of the utmost importance in this time of changing policies regarding lice in Washington schools. A recent article in the SnoValley Star looks at how schools are adjusting.

School districts in northwestern Washington considering scratching their no-nit policies and letting children with lice stay in class have many people running the gamut from upset to just plain grossed out.

A closer look at how schools in the Valley handle cases of pediculosis shows that school district policy is more no-nit than go-nits. The district allows school administrators the choice of keeping a child out of class until his or her lice problem is resolved. The policy, adopted in March 2009, states that the student may be excluded if a school nurse determines there’s an infestation.

However, the emphasis is on controlling and preventing lice rather than on immediately excluding a student. Once a student returns, he or she must submit to a mandatory lice check. A building nurse may still implement a no-nit policy if the lice screening reveals an increase in nits — lice eggs — or lice, or if a student’s hair has remained neglected or if a student is not a first-timer.

In Everett, the district allowing children with nits in classrooms has parents in a snit. The district defended its decision. “The advantage of not sending the child home is that the school can monitor and make sure that stuff is being done at home,” said Mary Waggoner, director of communication for the Everett School District.

Waggoner cited studies from the Harvard School of Public Health, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the National Association of School Nurses, saying each entity has stated it’s not necessary to exclude students to control head lice.

Lice Knowing You believes strongly in a no nit policy. These guidelines put out by the AAP gives parents the green light to send their kids to school with head lice. This is unfortunate as there are many people out there, our clients included, who work very hard to deal with their head lice issues appropriately and effectively. Obviously the AAP has never dealt with parents trying to rid their child of lice. It is very stressful and financially and mentally taxing. Please do not send your children to school with head lice!

Prepare yourself for the fight against lice this school year with our organic lice prevention spray and regular head lice checks. Know the facts so that you don’t waste your time or money getting rid of lice using ineffective methods. Visit our Lice Treatment Salon in Mercer Island, contact us for in-home lice removal in Washington or come visit our new lice removal salon in Federal Way.


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