Lice Knowing You© Opens 1st Lice Treatment Salon in Beaverton, OR

Lice Knowing You©, Inc, the Pacific Northwest’s premier head-lice removal company, announces the grand opening of their new lice treatment salon in Beaverton, OR. The first salon of its kind in Oregon, Lice Knowing You© (LKY) staff are trained and certified head lice removal experts that specialize in head lice removal, head lice treatments, education and prevention.

Originally starting as a mobile unit, Nancy Gordon, owner and CEO of Lice Knowing You©, Inc, realized that she could better serve her clientele if she had a salon where she could offer all of her mobile lice elimination services as well as a place for lice education, support, lice checks and most importantly, quick treatments.

“Our three salons in Seattle have been very successful at helping families cope and deal with all of their lice issues. We’ve had phone calls from people asking if we offer our services in the Portland area – the demand became to be so great that we decided to expand the business to Oregon. After all, lice is everywhere”, said Gordon. “By coming to an LKY salon, you are able to remove yourself from your home and the frenzy that often ensues when your family is affected by head lice. We get our clients lice and nit free in one appointment.”

Using only 100% natural, organic and non-toxic products, Lice Knowing You© uses a scientifically proven 3-step process designed to rid the hair of lice quickly and thoroughly.  The consultants at LKY are trained and certified in the Shepherd Method of strand-by-strand nit removal*. All services are guaranteed and clients following the LKY protocol have a 100% success rate at wiping out head lice. Salon services also include preferred “wet-head” lice checks and education on how to check for and prevent head lice in the future.

Clients who come to the new Beaverton lice treatment salon will be lice and nit free after one treatment – guaranteed.  Clients are given a 30-day guarantee as well as free lice checks for 90 days, discounts on products, treatments and more. Lice removal treatments last, on average, between 45 minutes to 2 hours depending on length, thickness of hair and severity of infestation. While at the salon, clients are entertained with large flat screen TV’s, books, magazines, games and snacks. In addition, there is a separate, “lice-free” playroom for those children that have completed treatment or are waiting for siblings or other family members.

“Bottom line…No device, treatment or product is the miracle cure for head lice. The only 100% certain way of getting rid of head lice is to comb out all lice and nits from the head. All it takes is one viable nit missed and your head lice issue will return – often worse than when you originally started,” explains Gordon. “Head Lice are highly contagious and if the problem isn’t addressed – it will be passed around your community again and again – for weeks if not months. We’re here to make sure that your problem is gone for good – guaranteed.”

The new LKY Treatment Salon is located in Beaverton at 8225 SW Cirrus Drive – Beaverton, OR – 97008. To make an appointment for a lice check or treatment, please call 503.574.ITCH (4824). For more information about Lice Knowing You© Inc  and our Portland lice clinic please visit LKY Treatment Salons are also located in Mercer Island, Federal Way and Mill Creek, WA.

*According the American Academy of Pediatrics and Harvard School of Public Health, combing with a lice comb is the most effective way of treating head lice.


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A Nit Remover That Doubles As a Household Green Cleaner

It is important to make sure that the products we use on ourselves are safe for our body, the planet, and future generations to come.  The one major benefit to using products that are green (green refers to methods that inflict the most minimal harm to the environment if any at all) is that it makes your home safer.

Often times we can pick up trace amounts of harmful chemicals from products that are not green from walking barefoot on a clean floor, our tooth brush touching a counter that was just cleaned with bleach, and over the years these trace amounts of toxins can build up in our systems. So by eliminating the use of harsh chemicals we can create a safer home and planet. That is why Lice Knowing You has only organic lice treatment products that are 100% natural and non-toxic, and are proven to kill lice and nits. Our natural lice treatment is completely safe for babies and pregnant women.

One of our favorite products for lice removal is our Glue Gone Concentrate which is a blend of natural enzymes clinically proven to help loosen and dissolve stubborn nits. The Glue Gone Concentrate is made of naturally occurring, non-bacterial, readily biodegradable, enzymatic solution derived from safe yeast strains; water (aqua); milk non-ionic surfactant blend. It is also FDA: Generally regarded as Safe (GRAS). The best thing about this  lice removal product is that once your nits are gone you can use the rest of the product as a household cleaner. We suggest that if you are using this product that you also use our Professional Oil Blend for most effective head lice treatment.

For more information about lice treatment in Seattle or our new lice clinic in Portland visit us at


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Lice Knowing You Opening a Portland Lice Clinic!

Lice Knowing You is the premier Seattle lice clinic. We are so excited to announce that we are opening a new location in Portland, OR.

Lice Knowing you makes complete head lice and nit removal as quick and painless as possible. During the Portland lice removal process, we provide free, step-by-step consultation on taking care of your home to ensure that the head lice will be gone for good.  We will also provide you a detailed “cheat” sheet so that you have all the necessary information at your fingertips.

We provide you a free lice education from the moment we answer the phone. If you are concerned about having Portland head lice or you have head lice in Portland it can be a stressful experience.  Thankfully, Lice Knowing You can perform a professional head check to determine if you have an active case of head lice.  We have trained technicians at our Portland lice clinic who are armed with an array of organic lice prevention products to ensure you get the best lice treatment available.

When it comes to your kids, let Lice Knowing You perform the only guaranteed professional lice removal in Portland. We will keep you updated to our new location and when we will be celebrating the grand opening. In the mean time come see the experts at for more information.


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Getting to the Root of Head Lice Problem

By Katie Murdoch
The Enterprise Newspaper

Head lice move nine inches per minute, making it very easy for school nurses and parents to miss catching lice on a child’s head. Throw into the mix the fact that children often play with each other’s hair, hang their coats side by side at school and share hair ties with adults, and things start to spiral out of control.

Nancy Gordon empathizes with families with head lice. Some families will mistake lice with bed bugs and start bagging and washing all of their clothes and bedding. “It’s very stressful for families,” she said. Gordon is helping families get out of that tense environment and get to the root of the problem. She owns Lice Knowing You, which removes lice in one treatment and offers education and prevention tips.

Clients are charged $95 per hour depending on hair length and severity of the lice. Most major insurance companies cover the treatment. “For the most part we can remove it in one treatment,” she said. “Generally, re-exposure is what brings people back.”

During a treatment, salon staff goes through a three-step process to get rid of lice using only natural, organic and non-toxic products. Unlike bed bugs, lice don’t live in people’s environment. Instead, they need a human host to survive. Once lice are removed from someone’s head, they begin dying, so even if they return, they can’t do any damage, Gordon said. “Bagging stuff is unnecessary,” Gordon said. “Bagging stuff gives people a sense of control, but your head should be the focus of the issue.”

She offers a 30-day guarantee and a 90-day guarantee that includes six free head checks during the six months following treatment. During a treatment two people check for lice to ensure it’s gone. “Once you’ve had lice, there’s a panic when you see your kid scratch their head,” she said.

Gordon said she and her staff work with schools around the area to conduct lice checks. She declined to name school districts and private schools. Gordon also gives presentations to PTA groups where parents can ask questions and clear up lice removal techniques ranging from olive oil to Listerine mouth wash. “It basically opens the channels of communication,” she said.

Lice policies vary per school, Gordon said. Private schools, for example, have a zero nit and lice policy where students are sent home if they have either. “It’s a policy I believe strongly in; it makes parents accountable,” Gordon said. “There’s no shortcut to get rid of lice. The bottom line is you have to comb everything out of their head.”  Public schools policy, on the other hand, says students can come back to school so long as they don’t have live lice. “Lice are contagious, nits aren’t,” Gordon said. “But where there’s nits, there’s lice. Letting kids go to school, it’s going to come around and bite them in the tush.”

To help soothe frantic parents, the salon allows for clients to watch TV, read books and snack on donuts and coffee. She also has a lice-free playroom for children after they’ve completed their treatments. “It takes you out of the center of the stress, it takes them out of the environment and hands it over to someone else,” she said.

When her daughter got head lice seven years ago, Gordon searched for organic products, keeping her son, who has autism, in mind. She steered away from products with pesticides as the side effects aren’t good for children and the long-term effects associated with ADHD and autism aren’t clear, she said. “The pesticide-based treatments won’t work and the directions are ambiguous,” she said. “I’d rather have someone use something as benign as olive oil.”

For more information about lice treatment in Washington or our new Portland lice clinic, please visit our site at


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