Lice Removal Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

More than 1/3 of children get nits.  Health officials say lice infestations can’t be avoided in school – especially elementary and middle schools, where children are in close contact all day.  In fact, parents spend an inordinate amount of time money and time trying to get rid of head lice.

But an ounce of prevention goes a long way.  At Lice Knowing You©, we believe the best way to deal with the onslaught of head lice is to routinely check for lice.  We also recommend wet combing for lice removal instead of costly prescription pesticides.

Why? Lice are increasingly harder to treat!  They’re incredibly adaptive little buggers, and over the past 3 decades have become resistant to pesticides.  Permethrin, in particular is one of the more widely used treatments.  Lice are resistant to permethrin (not to mention this pesticide is toxic to your kids!), and they get stronger every day, through the widespread use of insecticides.

Proper wet lice combing can take an hour depending on the length of the hair. It is an inexpensive, harm-free method with high rates of success compared to chemicals. At Lice Knowing You© treatment salons, wet combing can remove nits in one session, for your entire family.

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ADHD Cases Rise, Studies Link Pesticides

The number of kids who are diagnosed with developmental disabilities went up 17% in the past 12 years. The main reason for the rise, research has found, is increased diagnoses for autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.  Another reason may be the rise in premature births.

Most of the rise was driven by the rate of ADHD, growing from 5.7% to 7.6% over the course of the 12-year study.  Autism rates showed the fastest growth, from 0.2% to 0.7%.

This is scary news, considering studies which have linked the use of pesticides to the rise in ADHD in children.  A study published in the journal Pediatrics showed that kids exposed to higher levels of a pesticide found in teeny amounts on commercially grown produce are much more likely to be diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder than kids who did not receive as much exposure.  This study, which has been reported on CNN, is the first to look at effects of exposure to these pesticides on the general population.    Pesticides are meant to be toxic to the nervous system – that’s one reason they kill pests.

“Organic fruits and vegetables contain much fewer pesticides,” advises Maryse Bouchard, Ph. D., who does research at the University of Montreal in the department of environmental and occupational health.  “National surveys have also shown that fruits and vegetables from farmers’ markets contain less pesticides even if they’re not organic.  Though pesticide can be useful in certain situations, most of them are toxic to humans – especially young children who are still developing.

At Lice Knowing You©, we offer natural lice treatment products to keep lice at bay.  With Lice Knowing You©, your family is guaranteed to be lice and nit free after only one treatment – and without all the harsh and potentially dangerous chemicals.  Our scientifically proven process along with our invaluable free lice education will give you back your life. With 100% guaranteed Washington head lice treatment and Oregon head lice treament services from our consultants, you’ll be in the best care with Lice Knowing You©.


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Lice Knowing You© Nominated for Red Tricycle Awards

UPDATE:  We’re in the top 3 finalists, in the Mompreneur category!  YAY!  If you  haven’t voted yet, we would LOVE to have your support.  Thanks to all our amazing clients!

You may have heard us Tweeting recently about our nomination for the Red Tricycle Totally Awesome Awards.  We were nominated in the Most Awesome Mompreneur Business category and Most Awesome Kids Hair Services category.

We’re honored to be a part of Red Tricycle’s awards, and we owe it all to our kids!  In fact, Nancy Gordon, President and CEO of Lice Knowing You©, started nit-picking when her kids got lice.

“I freaked out, I completely freaked out. I joked that I went commando,” she said.  Her commando-attitude paid off though; after so thoroughly cleaning her home, she realized the need for a Lice Removal service.  Her friends joked that she was the ‘crazy lice lady’, but it paid off.  In 2 weeks, the one-time lawyer and full-time mom became the owner of one of the first companies of its kind in our area.

“If you have a great attitude about it, it can be really fun,” Says Nancy.  “It’s amazing when you really want to do something, how you can just figure things out and I’m just that way. I’m a go-getter. So here I am.”

The lice removal treatment process is easy – Nancy and her staff bring the products, which are all organic, and does the initial comb-through. Then she gives the family a follow-up plan.

“There should not be a stigma with lice. Lice should be treated like chicken pox or getting the flu,” says Nancy.

T0 find about more about our lice removal services, visit or call 206-654-LICE (5423) for your Seattle lice removal, or 503.574.ITCH (4824) for your Portland lice removal.

Thanks again to all our supporters from Lice Knowing You©!


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