Does Your Child Have Head Lice? Don’t Fret!

Have you received that dreaded call from another parent stating that your child may have been exposed to lice?  If so, your first response may be to panic.  However, panicking is not really necessary, as unfortunately lice are a relatively common occurrence among school aged children.  In fact, statistics estimate that there are approximately twelve million cases of head lice a year in the United States. Even the thought may have you scratching your head but luckily for you there are non-toxic lice treatments at your disposal.

Why So Many Head Lice Cases?

  • As with other insects, successive exposure to toxic chemicals over time has resulted in lice evolving to be resistant to the very chemicals that originally harmed them.
  • Many individuals do not follow directions on lice removal products and most importantly do not comb out all nits in a thorough manner, and this can result in more lice cases.
  • When you have lice, it is important to get rid of all the lice and nits on your head.  If some are inadvertently left on your head, these nits can hatch and reproduce once again.
  • Without overdoing, it is important that you thoroughly clean everything that you recently came into contact with. Bedding, jackets and hats should be washed and dried on high heat for thirty minutes. Stuffed animals do NOT need to be bagged up for weeks. If your child has a favorite stuffy throw it in the dryer on high heat for thirty minutes.

Don’t panic! Lice Knowing You© is here to help.

Verify that your child does in fact have head lice.  You can do this by first reviewing photos of lice online to determine what you are looking for.  Then, part the hair and look for signs of both lice and nits in a brightly lit room by combing through your child’s hair with a lice comb.  Repeat this process throughout your child’s head – and do remember to pay extra attention to areas close to the ear, hairline and the nape of the neck. Lice Knowing You© provides lice checks as well as instructions on the proper technique for checking your child’s head for lice.

Once you have verified that your child does in fact have lice, you should seek lice treatment as soon as possible.  As the more traditional chemical-based way of treating lice includes harmful side effects such as developmental disabilities, seizures, hormone disruption and even cancer, it is wise to seek out a safe, yet effective option.

Fortunately, we offer completely safe, non-toxic, and natural organic lice treatment products that are completely pesticide and chemical free. Whether you visit our Portland lice treatment salon or our Seattle lice clinics, we can surely help you out at our family-focused locations!


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Lice?! Oh, No! Why Me?

Did you know that certain people just seem to attract lice? There are many factors that draw head lice to one individual over another; blood type and Rh factor are one of them! While children are the most common recipient of this lovely creature (sarcasm), parents and other adults are not immune. When your hair comes into contact with another person’s hair that has lice and you are a favorable environment, you take the risk of exposing yourself to an uninvited house guest. So how exactly do you become an UN-favorable environment?

Lice Knowing You© has a line of lice repellant products scientifically developed to repel head lice. Using a daily lice repellent shampoo and conditioner that repels and prevents head lice is a great first line of defense.  Our Citramint™ Lice Repellent Conditioning and Detangling Spray is a  lice repellent conditioning hair spray that is scientifically formulated with essential oils known to repel head lice and other pests.  It doubles as a bug repellent and is all-natural, containing organic oils instead of harsh pesticides.

We are currently expanding our line of lice repellant products and have lots of new and exciting things to announce in the New Year. Stop by one of our Seattle lice clinics or if you are in Oregon, stop by our Portland lice treatment salon and try our latest product, a phenomenal lice repellent styling gel. It is all the rage in our Seattle salons so stop by and check it out for yourself.

Our family owned and operated lice treatment salons care about keeping your family head lice free in a safe and healthy way.  Here’s to a lice free 2012!


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