Preventing lice in the the New School Year

Just in time for back-to-school, Lice Knowing You© is offering FREE wet-head lice checks, by appointment only, at select salons in the pacific northwest region. Beginning Saturday, September 8 and every Saturday throughout the month of September, families can visit the Mercer Island, Wallingford or Beaverton, OR Lice Knowing You© salons from 9am – 11am to receive a freeWet head Lice Check and valuable information on how to prevent and detect lice in the future. * Customers will also be able to take advantage of product discounts on lice prevention products for the hair and home.

“September is lice awareness month and what better way to celebrate then to offer the community the tools and instructions needed to get ahead of a lice outbreak. That being said, wet-head lice checks are the only effective way to determine if someone has head lice,” says Nancy Gordon, owner of Lice Knowing You©.

“Studies have proven that wet-head lice checks are 95% accurate in determining a head lice infestation vs. only 29% accurate on a visual, spot check. That is why we believe that wet-head lice checks are the only way to go.”

Gordon suggests that families perform weekly wet head lice checks. Customers that come in for a free lice check will be instructed, if interested, on how to do their own wet-head lice checks at home.

Regardless, Gordon tells families to follow some simple rules to help prevent lice. “Bottom line, never share hair accessories or hats, helmets, sweatshirts, etc. Children should not hang coats next to each other or place coats in piles. If possible, have children wear long hair in braids or pony-tails and boys should keep their hair short.”

As always, head to head contact is the most common way head lice are passed. Lice Knowing You© recommends using lice prevention products on the hair and on your stuff. While studies indicate they aren’t guaranteed to stop lice from making a home on the head, they are 98% effective in keeping lice away because of their high percentage of essential oils. Lice typically do not like the smell of certain oils, like the ones used in Lice Knowing You© products, and are typically deterred from going near hair and/or stuff with essential oil fragrances.

So, what are you waiting for? Stop lice in their tracks and head to a local Lice Knowing You© Salon for products and a lice check! Free wet head lice checks are by appointment only and will take place on Saturday, September 8, 15, 22 and 29 from 9am – 11am at the Mercer Island (9725 SE 36th Street * Seattle), Wallingford (4444 Woodland Park Ave N, #214 * Seattle) and Beaverton (8225 SW Cirrus Dr * Beaverton) Lice Knowing You© locations. To make an appointment for a Lice Check or treatment, please call 877.670.LICE (5423).


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