Our lice technicians are so much more than just nitpickers!

One of the more common questions that we are asked when people come into our salon is “what makes a person want to pick lice for a living?”  It’s an interesting question and when given the opportunity to think about the job and the good work that we do, many of our technicians take a step back and realize that head lice removal isn’t all that bad of a job to have. While many people might associate “head lice technician” as a bad job — we actually find it quite a bit rewarding!

Head lice removal is fun! Yes we know it’s hard to believe, but the reality is, we get to meet and chat with so many different and interesting people. While these people have visited our salons for unfortunate reasons — they are happy to be with us, chat with us and while we take the stress out of lice. When people visit a Lice Knowing You© salon, they typically leave happy and stress free and that makes us feel great!

We all know that there is a little bit of a “yuck” factor involved with lice removal but did you ever think how cool the the “yuck” factor really is? As technicians, we’re really  mini scientists’ and entomologists’ all wrapped up into one.  Sometimes the most severe head lice cases, while very intense, are the most fulfilling to work on. We get to see all ages and stages of bugs, hundreds of eggs and we welcome the challenge of full lice and nit removal in only one treatment.  Within 1-2 hours of working on severe lice cases we realize that we have made a “life –changing experience” for our clients! We give our clients their normal back — with the stress of lice behind them.

That being said, our lice technicians are so much more than just nitpickers.
Lice Knowing You© technicians provide clients with a support system.  Did you know that having head lice can create severe anxiety and depression in many people?  It’s the job of Lice Knowing You© technicians to talk our patients down off their ledge and help them put their head lice infestation into perspective, making them realize that there are many worse things in the world.

Lice Knowing You© technicians are teachers.  It is a technician’s job to educate our clients about head lice and how to treat and prevent them in the future.

And finally, as mentioned above, Lice Knowing You© technicians are scientists and entomologists.  We get to study the bugs, observe them under microscopes, collect them as specimens for participation in university studies.

A head lice technician is many jobs wrapped into one.  If you can think outside the box and realize that it is not all about the bugs, then you can see that a head lice technician is a valuable and much needed profession—one that many people couldn’t live without.


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Cold Weather is Here, Keep Lice Away!

Fall is officially here. The leaves are turning color and there’s a chill in the air. And with that….comes the beginning of flu season. Parents are quick to protect their kids from getting the flu with flu shots and nasal sprays. But why don’t parents make the same effort to protect their child from lice? Studies have shown that if lice goes undetected for a period of time, sores can develop on a child’s head from lice bites. If untreated, these sores can get infected and cause bacterial infections. In addition, lice can be very distracting to a child. If a child has lice, a constant itching and tickling feeling can cause sleep disruptions, lack of concentration in school and can, as you know, spread to his/her friends. So, as you get your child prepared for flu season — now is the time to also take preventative measures and protect your child from lice.

The first step, check your child for lice with a wet-head lice check. Once free and clean, make sure that your child doesn’t share hats, jackets or hoodies on the playground at school, at the neighborhood park or even at a friends house. If your child has long hair — keep it up in a pony-tail. And finally, if you can, use Seattle Lice Preventative hair care products. While they are not 100% effective, studies have shown that the use of lice prevention products on the hair gives kids a 98% chance of being lice free.

As always, once a week, take a peek. Make sure that you continue your wet head lice checks every week to ensure a lice free head and home.

If you are unsure on how to perform a wet head lice check, please feel free to give Lice Knowing You© a call at 877.670.LICE for some advice. Or, you can purchase a how-to video and a lice detection kit with all of the information you will need to get you on your way.

~Happy Fall


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