A Nit Remover That Doubles As a Household Green Cleaner

It is important to make sure that the products we use on ourselves are safe for our body, the planet, and future generations to come.  The one major benefit to using products that are green (green refers to methods that inflict the most minimal harm to the environment if any at all) is that it makes your home safer.

Often times we can pick up trace amounts of harmful chemicals from products that are not green from walking barefoot on a clean floor, our tooth brush touching a counter that was just cleaned with bleach, and over the years these trace amounts of toxins can build up in our systems. So by eliminating the use of harsh chemicals we can create a safer home and planet. That is why Lice Knowing You has only organic lice treatment products that are 100% natural and non-toxic, and are proven to kill lice and nits. Our natural lice treatment is completely safe for babies and pregnant women.

One of our favorite products for lice removal is our Glue Gone Concentrate which is a blend of natural enzymes clinically proven to help loosen and dissolve stubborn nits. The Glue Gone Concentrate is made of naturally occurring, non-bacterial, readily biodegradable, enzymatic solution derived from safe yeast strains; water (aqua); milk non-ionic surfactant blend. It is also FDA: Generally regarded as Safe (GRAS). The best thing about this  lice removal product is that once your nits are gone you can use the rest of the product as a household cleaner. We suggest that if you are using this product that you also use our Professional Oil Blend for most effective head lice treatment.

For more information about lice treatment in Seattle or our new lice clinic in Portland visit us at LiceKnowingYou.com.


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