Arlington Lice Removal & Treatment Clinic

Arlington Lice Removal & Treatment Clinic

Lice Knowing You© provides professional Arlington Lice Removal & Treatment in our local clinic.  We use only the best quality lice removal products throughout Western Washington.  When you receive a call while at work that you have to pick up your child from school, it can be frustrating and overwhelming. They are not sick however, but have been identified to have head lice. After the initial panic subsides, you realize that you need to quickly and efficiently get rid of these pests so that both you and your child can resume your normal routine.

Lice Knowing You© is here to help. We offer lice treatment, lice-repelling and lice removal products that are all fast, safe and effective.  . Maybe your child was not the one who was discovered with lice, but rather someone else in the class. You can use our lice detection kit to ensure that your child is, in fact, lice and nit-free. If you are struggling with lice in Arlington, WA, we are here to help.

We are the Northwest’s go-to source for lice removal. We have everything you need to quickly and efficiently get rid of this problem for your family and your home, and all without pesticides or other environmental toxins.  We also offer a 30 DAY GUARANTEE.

If you are not ready to tackle the job on your own, visit one of our local lice removal salons to have treatment done on the spot.  We have multiple technicians that can treat you and your family at the same time. If you want to work on it on your own, you can order supplies online or buy them directly from the salon.

Do not let lice keep you home another day. Lice Knowing You© is ready and waiting to get rid of the problem for good. With our help, you can win the fight against lice!

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