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There are few words that strike panic into the hearts of parents more than “your child has lice” or has potentially been exposed to someone with head lice. Feelings of embarrassment, anger and dismay often collide but there is no need for any member of the family to suffer unnecessarily. Call the Bellingham Lice Removal Treatment clinic for advice and your lice management options, as we only use the best quality lice removal products and techniques available.

Lice are only found on the human head, with an itchy head being the most recognized trademark. The itching is a result of an allergic reaction to the lice saliva. Not all individuals, however, have itching as a symptom. A head inspection is necessary to see if lice and nits are present.

The nits resemble dandruff but cannot be brushed away. A year-round issue, lice are most often first observed in children, as their close contact in school and day care settings provides the ideal environment for lice to jump from child to child.

Lice Knowing You© utilizes lice removal products that have been formulated with effective essential oils that are all natural and both chemical and pesticide free and have a proven record for success in ridding families of a lice infestation. These products are guaranteed for removing all lice and nits (eggs) in a painless and safe manner.

Affordable and confidential lice elimination is available in our quality lice removal & treatment clinic or within your home. Our services include efficient examination of each family member, personal treatment and recommendations for safeguarding your home, repelling future infiltrations and deletion of all lice and their eggs.

Call our quality Bellingham Lice Removal & Treatment Clinic at (206) 654-5423 to speak with one of our professional lice removal technicians at Lice Knowing You© to schedule a mobile appointment. Take advantage of our experience with this common concern and our 30 day guarantee.


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