Top Five Myths about Head Lice

While head lice are a common occurrence among children, there is unfortunately a plethora of misinformation about head lice abounds. How do you know what is fact and what is fiction then about head lice? Read on to learn about some common head lice myths:

Myth #1 – Lice can jump from head to head.

As lice do not have wings, there is no way that lice can “jump” from head to head. Thus, there is no need to worry about your child catching lice this way! However, please be aware that it is possible to catch lice via direct head-to-head contact since lice CAN crawl.

Myth #2 – Head lice in children are really contagious.

Once again, head lice can be only be transmitted through direct head-to-head contact. As such, in order to stop the spread of lice, it is recommended that your child avoids direct contact with another and does not share belongings with him or her.

Myth #3 – You are more likely to get lice if you have poor personal hygiene.

Although this myth is a popular one, poor personal self-care and/or a dirty home do not increase the likelihood of obtaining lice. Once again, you can get lice by direct head-to-head contact or by using a comb or another product that has touched the head of an infected person.

Myth #4 – Head lice prefer long hair over shorter hair.

No need to cut your child’s hair. As head lice have no preference for long or short hair, your child is not more likely to be infected if he or she has longer hair. Moreover, once again, it does not make a difference if the hair is freshly shampooed or not.

Myth #5 – You can get head lice from pets.

As a previous article mentioned, you cannot get lice from pets as dog lice only consume dog blood and cat lice only feed on blood from cats. Along similar lines, your pets cannot catch head lice from you or your child as human head lice only feed on blood from humans.

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Using Lindane to Treat Your Child’s Head Lice? Think Twice!

One of the chemical treatments used to treat head lice is a chemical called Lindane.  The US Federal Drug Administration (FDA) recently warns consumers that this chemical can cause extremely serious side effects – stating that “safer medications are available to treat these conditions.” In fact, by November of 2006, Lindane use was banned in fifty-two countries worldwide and restricted in thirty-three other countries.  Moreover, since 2002, the State of California banned Lindane, effective 2002, and in 2009, the Michigan House of Representatives passed a bill that restricted Lindane’s use to only doctors’ offices.

Lindane, itself, comes as a lotion that must be applied to the skin and as a shampoo to be used on both hair and scalp to treat head lice.

Possible Side Effects of Lindane

  • itching or burning skin
  • skin rash
  • skin tingling or numbness
  • dry skin
  • hair loss

More Serious Side Effects of Lindane

  • drowsiness
  • headache
  • dizziness
  • uncontrollable shaking
  • seizures


Three deaths due to Lindane have been confirmed.  In addition, fourteen additional unconfirmed deaths due to Lindane have been reported as well.  These individuals reportedly did not use Lindane according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Individuals Most Susceptible to Lindane Side Effects

The US government warns that Lindane should not be use for babies and utmost caution should be used when using Lindane on children weighing less than 110 pounds.

In addition, the very young, the elderly, and those individuals with low immunity seem to be the ones that suffer from reactions from Lindane.

What Safe Alternatives are Available to Treat Head Lice?

Fortunately, our businesses offer completely non-toxic, safe, and natural organic lice treatment products that are completely chemical free. Whether you visit our Portland lice treatment salon or our Seattle lice clinics, we definitely can help your child’s head lice dilemma at our family-focused locations!

Can Your Child Get Head Lice From Pets?

Cats and dogs can get lice – does this situation mean that your pet can infect your child?

Well, you need not fret as while can occasionally get lice; your child will not be able to catch lice from your pet.  Why?   Simply put dog lice require dog blood to survive, and cat lice require only cat blood to survive.  In other words then, pet lice cannot survive on human blood.  Along similar lines, your cat or dog cannot catch lice from an infected child as the head lice do require human blood to live.

It also important to remember that human lice are not a result of poor personal hygiene habits.  That said, as lice in pets and other animals often occur when animals live in insanitary environments.  As such, it may be no surprise to learn that lice are not a commonly diagnosed parasite in animals.

What Types of Lice can Pets Catch?

Cats can obtain a type of lice known as Felicola subrostrata. Meanwhile, dogs can catch one of the two following lice types: Trichodectes canis and Linognathus setosus. Other types of animals can get lice on occasion as well, but once again the lice on these animals cannot be transmitted to humans and humans cannot transmit head lice to these animals.

Does Your Child Have Head Lice?

If so, you should know that Lice Knowing You only uses only organic products which do not contain harmful substances such as parabens sulfates, or other toxins.  In fact, our lice removal products help to eliminate and eradicate both bugs and nits.  That said, our focus is on 100% lice and nit removal in just one treatment at our salons or mobile lice in our salons or mobile lice treatments in your office or home.  Further, with a lifetime guarantee, how can you go wrong?

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Can Head Lice Be Prevented?

While you may not always think of head lice prevention, these measures are extremely important if you wish to prevent your child from contracting lice.  With more and more schools changing their No-Nits Policies your children are at a higher risk of contracting head lice.

In order to prevent your child from obtaining head lice, you should use Lice Prevention and Lice Repellent products as a first line of defense against lice.  In particular, our Citramint™ Lice Repellant Everyday Conditioning and Detangling Spray contain essential oils that are known to repel both lice and other unwanted insects.

Another great product is our daily lice repellent shampoo.  This affordable Citramint ™ Lice Repellant Shampoo is mild enough to be used on a daily basis.  Enriched with both minerals and vitamins, this shampoo both repels and prevents head lice.

In addition to using repellent products you should:

  • Check your child’s head periodically for any signs of lice
  • Ensure that your child does not share brushes or combs with their friends.
  • Along similar line, you should teach your child to avoid using anything that another child uses on or near his or her head. These items include headbands, scarves, headphones, hats, helmets, ponytail holders, and related items.
  • Ensure that your child does not throw his or her coat in a random pile at school. Instead, his or her coat should be hung individually such as on a hook in a classroom cloakroom.

If you find that your child has lice there’s no need to worry. Lice Knowing You can help take care of all of your lice concerns. From our large line of lice repelling, detection and removal products to our Seattle and Portland Lice Salons – we’ve got you covered.

The Truth About Home Remedies for Lice Removal

Many panicked parents are looking for home remedies for lice removal and there are many so-called treatments out there. Unfortunately, we have built a business on failed lice treatments, which not only do not work, but are highly toxic and can be dangerous to you and your children.

Cetaphil, a facial cleanser, believed by some to work as a non-toxic lice treatment option, is one of the more toxic so-called treatments out there. It contains just eight ingredients: water, cetyl alcohol, propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfate, stearyl alcohol, methylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben.

All but the water are chemically manufactured, and propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfate, and the three parabens are on the list are known ingredients to avoid as they are potentially toxic.

One look at the Cetaphil label and you’ve got to go “Wait a minute! What?” says Spirit Demerson, who analyzes skin-care ingredients for Spirit Beauty Lounge, her online natural beauty store. “Cetaphil does not contain even one single beneficial ingredient and what it does contain is the equivalent of toxic sludge. Whether you think it’s keeping your skin healthy or not, it is absorbed into your bloodstream and research has proven almost all of the few ingredients in it are carcinogenic. I know it’s hard to imagine that washing your face can give you cancer but it’s worth consideration.”

Your scalp is even more absorbent than your face and other areas of your body. The idea of putting this toxic treatment on your head is very scary to say the least.

Toxicity aside, this method is really just a smothering technique, which as those of us in the lice removal business know do not really work.  The idea behind this lice treatment is that for a month (can you imagine knowingly dealing with your lice for a month), you put Cetaphil on your head and blow-dry your hair once a week.  It can take two to three times as long to dry your hair with the Cetaphil on and you are to leave it in your hair for eight hours.  The protocol dictates that you do this every week for a month.  The idea is to stay ahead of the life-cycle of the louse.  Good in theory, but unfortunately, it doesn’t kill all of the bugs  and it doesn’t work on the lice eggs.  During the course of your month long Cetaphil treatment, you continue to expose others to head lice because you still have live lice on your head.

The Cetaphil treatment was founded by Dr. Dale Pearlman, a dermatologist in Menlo Park.  He did his own research on the treatment and was later found out to be duping his patients by selling the small bottles of “lice treatment” for hundreds of dollars.  Later it was found out that his lice treatment was in fact the facial cleanser, Cetaphil.

There has been no other unbiased research done on Cetaphil cleanser and like so many home remedy treatments such as Listerine and wd-40, most people quickly realize that these treatments do not work.  People are always looking for a quick-fix when it comes to lice.  There are no magical products or devices out there, and regardless of what you choose, you need to comb every louse and nit out of the hair.  This is the only guaranteed way to get rid of your lice infestation.

Lice Knowing You uses only natural and organic products which never contain sulfates, parabens or other toxic ingredients.  While our lice removal products help kill and eliminate the bugs and nits, our focus is on 100% lice and nit removal in one treatment in our salons or mobile lice treatments in your home or office with a brand new lifetime guarantee.

If you choose to do your own lice removal treatment like so many do, you can buy our products which contain a step-by-step protocol on how to do it yourself.  Either way you choose, we walk you through the lice removal process.  Our company has treated thousands of clients over the last several years with a 100% success rate for those that follow our protocol. Collectively, our staff has over 30 years of lice removal experience.  We are the Northwest’s Premier Lice Removal Company with a Lifetime Guarantee.

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Does Your Child Have Head Lice? Don’t Fret!

Have you received that dreaded call from another parent stating that your child may have been exposed to lice?  If so, your first response may be to panic.  However, panicking is not really necessary, as unfortunately lice are a relatively common occurrence among school aged children.  In fact, statistics estimate that there are approximately twelve million cases of head lice a year in the United States. Even the thought may have you scratching your head but luckily for you there are non-toxic lice treatments at your disposal.

Why So Many Head Lice Cases?

  • As with other insects, successive exposure to toxic chemicals over time has resulted in lice evolving to be resistant to the very chemicals that originally harmed them.
  • Many individuals do not follow directions on lice removal products and most importantly do not comb out all nits in a thorough manner, and this can result in more lice cases.
  • When you have lice, it is important to get rid of all the lice and nits on your head.  If some are inadvertently left on your head, these nits can hatch and reproduce once again.
  • Without overdoing, it is important that you thoroughly clean everything that you recently came into contact with. Bedding, jackets and hats should be washed and dried on high heat for thirty minutes. Stuffed animals do NOT need to be bagged up for weeks. If your child has a favorite stuffy throw it in the dryer on high heat for thirty minutes.

Don’t panic! Lice Knowing You is here to help.

Verify that your child does in fact have head lice.  You can do this by first reviewing photos of lice online to determine what you are looking for.  Then, part the hair and look for signs of both lice and nits in a brightly lit room by combing through your child’s hair with a lice comb.  Repeat this process throughout your child’s head – and do remember to pay extra attention to areas close to the ear, hairline and the nape of the neck. Lice Knowing You provides lice checks as well as instructions on the proper technique for checking your child’s head for lice.

Once you have verified that your child does in fact have lice, you should seek lice treatment as soon as possible.  As the more traditional chemical-based way of treating lice includes harmful side effects such as developmental disabilities, seizures, hormone disruption and even cancer, it is wise to seek out a safe, yet effective option.

Fortunately, we offer completely safe, non-toxic, and natural organic lice treatment products that are completely pesticide and chemical free. Whether you visit our Portland lice treatment salon or our Seattle lice clinics, we can surely help you out at our family-focused locations!

Lice?! Oh, No! Why Me?

Did you know that certain people just seem to attract lice? There are many factors that draw head lice to one individual over another; blood type and Rh factor are one of them! While children are the most common recipient of this lovely creature (sarcasm), parents and other adults are not immune. When your hair comes into contact with another person’s hair that has lice and you are a favorable environment, you take the risk of exposing yourself to an uninvited house guest. So how exactly do you become an UN-favorable environment?

Lice Knowing You has a line of lice repellant products scientifically developed to repel head lice. Using a daily lice repellent shampoo and conditioner that repels and prevents head lice is a great first line of defense.  Our Citramint™ Lice Repellent Conditioning and Detangling Spray is a  lice repellent conditioning hair spray that is scientifically formulated with essential oils known to repel head lice and other pests.  It doubles as a bug repellent and is all-natural, containing organic oils instead of harsh pesticides.

We are currently expanding our line of lice repellant products and have lots of new and exciting things to announce in the New Year. Stop by one of our Seattle lice clinics or if you are in Oregon, stop by our Portland lice treatment salon and try our latest product, a phenomenal lice repellent styling gel. It is all the rage in our Seattle salons so stop by and check it out for yourself.

Our family owned and operated lice treatment salons care about keeping your family head lice free in a safe and healthy way.  Here’s to a lice free 2012!

All We Want for Christmas is……No Lice!

Seattle lice treatment

This Holiday Season we all have one wish…..No Lice!  This season all of us here at Lice Knowing You are grateful and blessed to be gifted with the ability to help families and kids get rid of those pesky bugs, lice.  There is nothing more stressful than a lice infestation, I know, I’ve been there! The first time my kids got lice I freaked out and went commando! Today, I get to help relieve the stress of freaked out parents and watch lice-free kids play in our amazing lice-free playroom after their treatment. Watching relieved parents and smiling kids walk out of one of our salons is the best gift I could ask for.

We are currently expanding our line of lice repellant products and have lots of new and exciting things to announce in the New Year.

Our lice treatment salon cares about keeping your family head lice free in a safe and healthy way. We offer head lice checks by appointment and if you decide to be treated by our lice treatment salon, you will not be charged the cost of the head check, only for the lice removal treatment. We are now open in Wallingford, stop by and pick up some great products or if you are in the Oregon area, check out our new Portland lice clinic.  Visit us at for more information.

Seattle Lice Treatment…to the Rescue!

The bane of many parents, head lice are a very common problem, especially for kids ages 3 years to 12 years. Many parents resort to commercial lice products to treat the problem only to have their children re-infested upon return to school or daycare. Every child in school or daycare needs lice prevention. If it’s too late and your child has lice you can turn to Lice Knowing You, a family owned Seattle lice treatment salon.

Nancy Gordon was a full-time mom the first time her child got lice and she immediately realized the need for a lice removal service. A mom on a mission, she started the first Lice Treatment Salon in our area. There are so many at-home treatments, myths, faulty products and procedures out there that it can be confusing for stressed out parents to know who to trust and what to do. It is bad enough that your child has come home from school with lice and the last thing you want to do is to have to use toxic commercial lice products to treat the problem.

The good news is this; there is no reason to expose children to pesticides. Lice Knowing You offers all natural, non-toxic, organic lice treatment products at all of their salons. A child’s scalp has many blood vessels that are close to the skin, making it easy for toxic substances to be absorbed directly into the blood stream. To make matters worse, children have a less mature immune system to protect them and other enzyme systems to detoxify these chemicals.

No matter what product you use the most important step is in the combing. All lice and nits must be removed to ensure your infestation is gone for good. Lice Knowing You staff is the only trained and certified Seattle lice removal experts. We utilize the Shepherd Method Of Strand-By-Stand Nit Removal which is considered by many experts to be the most thorough and effective lice removal technique in the world.

Best of all, our clients are lice and nit free in one treatment and we have an unbeatable guarantee. If you have questions, we’ve got answers! Give us a call and let us help you.

Seattle and Portland Organic Lice Treatment – Don’t Settle for Less!

Each year in the United States, as many as 6 million children will be treated for head lice. Many parents turn to pesticide based products as a solution. Before using a pesticide shampoo as treatment for head lice, parents should be aware that alternatives do exist. Parents should also know that careful combing is necessary to effectively treat head lice, regardless of whether a pesticide based or organic lice treatment product is used.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recognizes the potential health risk of pesticide based shampoos and does not recommend their use, except as a last resort in extreme cases. Even in extreme cases there is no need to use a pesticide based lice treatment. In cases such as these the most important thing is careful, thorough combing to remove all lice and nits. Lice Knowing You are the only trained and certified head lice removal experts in Washington state. We utilize the Shepherd Method ™ Of Strand-By-Stand Nit Removal which is considered by many experts to be the most thorough and effective lice removal technique in the world.

Parents who decide to use a pesticide based shampoo should educate themselves about the potential health effects of available products. According to the EPA, the active ingredients lindane and permethrin have been shown to cause cancer in laboratory animals. These shampoos have caused minor to severe eye and skin irritation. Even cases of seizures and death associated with the misuse of lindane have been reported. Lindane and permethrin have both been shown to have neurological effects and are suspected of disrupting hormone systems.

We consider our lice removal products to be the best on the market. They are completely all natural, non-toxic, organic lice treatment products with absolutely no pesticides or chemicals and are safe for even the youngest members of your family.

Keeping around a bottle of our Citramint Environmental Lice Repellent Spray or Lice Repellent Detangler will ensure you’re prepared to prevent the infestation of lice. These products are a natural option that will repel lice before they become a problem, and they’re free of toxic chemicals and pesticides that have been linked with autism.

Treating lice doesn’t have to be difficult.  With Lice Knowing You, you’re guaranteed to be lice free after only one visit.  With our professional consultants on your side, you have the tools to recover from lice infestations with as little turmoil as possible. Our scientifically proven process along with our invaluable free lice education will give you back your life. With 100% guaranteed Seattle and Portland lice treatment services from our consultants, you’ll be in the best care with Lice Knowing You.