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Any parent dreads the initial thought of having deal with their child having head lice. Most families normally look for home remedy solutions instead of using quality lice removal products,  and assume they will work properly. However, if you have ever tried to use an ineffective home remedy, then you know that lice are a real problem that does not just go away easily with over the counter solutions. It takes a lot of hard work, missed school, and missed work, if you choose to attempt to resolve this problem yourself. Instead of attempting lice removal on your own, call our Bothell Lice Removal & Treatment Clinic, for guaranteed results completed by professionals.

Let Lice Knowing You© help make the lice removal treatment and removal process easy. Our technicians know the in’s and out’s of lice removal and guarantee that your child will be nit and lice free after only one treatment in our salon. Our Bothell lice removal and treatment services are completed with great care, experience, and only the safest and most effective products available in the market.

How do you initially discover if your child has lice? Well if you notice your kids constantly scratching the scalp, then that can be a characteristic symptom of lice infestation. Lice bite with their needle like mouth which can be extremely annoying and frustrating. The residue left by their saliva causes scalp irritation which makes you want to continuously scratch your head and drives you bonkers!

If you are experiencing or have identified a nit or lice infestation, Lice Knowing You© offers effective services at our quality Bothell Lice Removal & Treatment clinics at a price that you can afford. Contact us and we can get rid of the lice completely and immediately with only one treatment.


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