Can Head Lice Be Prevented?

While you may not always think of head lice prevention, these measures are extremely important if you wish to prevent your child from contracting lice.  With more and more schools changing their No-Nits Policies your children are at a higher risk of contracting head lice.

In order to prevent your child from obtaining head lice, you should use Lice Prevention and Lice Repellent products as a first line of defense against lice.  In particular, our Citramint™ Lice Repellant Everyday Conditioning and Detangling Spray contain essential oils that are known to repel both lice and other unwanted insects.

Another great product is our daily lice repellent shampoo.  This affordable Citramint ™ Lice Repellant Shampoo is mild enough to be used on a daily basis.  Enriched with both minerals and vitamins, this shampoo both repels and prevents head lice.

In addition to using repellent products you should:

  • Check your child’s head periodically for any signs of lice
  • Ensure that your child does not share brushes or combs with their friends.
  • Along similar line, you should teach your child to avoid using anything that another child uses on or near his or her head. These items include headbands, scarves, headphones, hats, helmets, ponytail holders, and related items.
  • Ensure that your child does not throw his or her coat in a random pile at school. Instead, his or her coat should be hung individually such as on a hook in a classroom cloakroom.

If you find that your child has lice there’s no need to worry. Lice Knowing You© can help take care of all of your lice concerns. From our large line of lice repelling, detection and removal products to our Seattle and Portland Lice Salons – we’ve got you covered.


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