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Has your child come home with another note from the school nurse stating that she has lice and nits yet again? If so, we offer effective and professional Chandler Lice Removal & Treatment in our clinic. In addition, we provide quality lice removal products, which are available at any of our Lice Knowing You© salons, with professionally trained staff who can rid your child’s head of lice and nits on the spot.

Lice Knowing You© has created a specific line of products that destroy lice, help remove lice from the head, and repel lice from ever attaching to the hair shaft. If your child has difficult lice to treat, we have a product that will eradicate the problem for good.

With our Lice Knowing You© lice detection spray, you will know if your child needs to be treated within a few minutes. Instead of wasting money on expensive products that won’t work, our product line is designed to first see if lice and nits are a problem and then treat the overall head to kill and remove all existing lice and nits.

Lice are difficult to get rid of. You have to make sure your child’s head is completely free from nits and lice while at the same time getting them to sit still. Never mind all of the time and energy you have to spend cleaning their room, changing linens and making sure all surfaces are nit free. With our Lice Knowing You© Spray and Play, you can spray surfaces just in case lice or nits are present.

Contact Lice Knowing You© for a professional and high quality Chandler Lice Removal & Treatment Clinic, and to schedule your appointment today.


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