Lice Cures Puyallup

Here are a few reasons to consider working with a professional such as Lice Knowing You © if you’re searching for lice removal in Puyallup:

Our lice removal treatment is a scientifically proven 3 step process to rid the hair of lice and nits quickly and thoroughly it uses only organic and 100% natural products.

All of our lice removal consultants are experts at working with children, and they are trained in the most up to date methods of head lice removal.

Below is a touching testimonial from a foster parent that found lice removal with Lice Knowing You© was the only choice for her 7 foster children.

Deann Dillon, Puyallup, WA

I am a Foster parent of 7 kids. I called in a panic and the ladies were able to calm and reassure me that everything would be handled. They helped me as much as they could and I was completely satisfied. They were kind and loving not only to me, but my children! They brought in extra help so that I didn’t have to sit here forever with all 7 kids being treated. Thank you.

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