Lice Knowing You© Opens 1st Lice Treatment Salon in Beaverton, OR

Lice Knowing You©, Inc, the Pacific Northwest’s premier head-lice removal company, announces the grand opening of their new lice treatment salon in Beaverton, OR. The first salon of its kind in Oregon, Lice Knowing You© (LKY) staff are trained and certified head lice removal experts that specialize in head lice removal, head lice treatments, education and prevention.

Originally starting as a mobile unit, Nancy Gordon, owner and CEO of Lice Knowing You©, Inc, realized that she could better serve her clientele if she had a salon where she could offer all of her mobile lice elimination services as well as a place for lice education, support, lice checks and most importantly, quick treatments.

“Our three salons in Seattle have been very successful at helping families cope and deal with all of their lice issues. We’ve had phone calls from people asking if we offer our services in the Portland area – the demand became to be so great that we decided to expand the business to Oregon. After all, lice is everywhere”, said Gordon. “By coming to an LKY salon, you are able to remove yourself from your home and the frenzy that often ensues when your family is affected by head lice. We get our clients lice and nit free in one appointment.”

Using only 100% natural, organic and non-toxic products, Lice Knowing You© uses a scientifically proven 3-step process designed to rid the hair of lice quickly and thoroughly.  The consultants at LKY are trained and certified in the Shepherd Method of strand-by-strand nit removal*. All services are guaranteed and clients following the LKY protocol have a 100% success rate at wiping out head lice. Salon services also include preferred “wet-head” lice checks and education on how to check for and prevent head lice in the future.

Clients who come to the new Beaverton lice treatment salon will be lice and nit free after one treatment – guaranteed.  Clients are given a 30-day guarantee as well as free lice checks for 90 days, discounts on products, treatments and more. Lice removal treatments last, on average, between 45 minutes to 2 hours depending on length, thickness of hair and severity of infestation. While at the salon, clients are entertained with large flat screen TV’s, books, magazines, games and snacks. In addition, there is a separate, “lice-free” playroom for those children that have completed treatment or are waiting for siblings or other family members.

“Bottom line…No device, treatment or product is the miracle cure for head lice. The only 100% certain way of getting rid of head lice is to comb out all lice and nits from the head. All it takes is one viable nit missed and your head lice issue will return – often worse than when you originally started,” explains Gordon. “Head Lice are highly contagious and if the problem isn’t addressed – it will be passed around your community again and again – for weeks if not months. We’re here to make sure that your problem is gone for good – guaranteed.”

The new LKY Treatment Salon is located in Beaverton at 8225 SW Cirrus Drive – Beaverton, OR – 97008. To make an appointment for a lice check or treatment, please call 503.574.ITCH (4824). For more information about Lice Knowing You© Inc  and our Portland lice clinic please visit LKY Treatment Salons are also located in Mercer Island, Federal Way and Mill Creek, WA.

*According the American Academy of Pediatrics and Harvard School of Public Health, combing with a lice comb is the most effective way of treating head lice.


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