Lice Knowing You Talks About the Importance of Proper Head Checks

Nancy Gordon of Mercer Island’s “Lice Knowing You” lice treatment salon talks about new head lice guidelines for parents and demonstrates a proper head lice check.

Wet Head Lice Check:

•Wet hair with olive oil, detangling spray or detangling conditioner. Do not over saturate
•Comb hair with a wide-tooth comb to remove all tangles
•When all tangles are out, use Terminator Lice Comb to perform check.
–Hold lice comb parallel to the scalp, not with teeth pointing into scalp
–Comb from the bang area to the back of the hair into a paper towel. Wipe lice comb after each run through the hair. Use the paper towel as your guide, not the comb. What is in your hair will show-up on the paper towel.
–Make sure to comb behind the ears and nape of neck. For longer hair, clip up back of hair and comb underneath. For thicker hair. Divide hair into quads and comb bigger sections of hair, always remembering to comb into paper towel and wiping after each swipe.   Keep a magnifying glass handy so that you can tell the difference between dirt and an actual nit (egg)
–Remember to sterilize comb between uses. Boil for 10-15 minutes or run through your dishwasher

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