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It’s a call that every parent dreads: a notice from school or camp saying that your child has head lice. It requires immediate treatment to stop the infestation, which means your children can no longer go to school, attend camp of after-care even programs or play with friends until the situation is addressed. If you are a working parent, it can present a real problem. But Lice Knowing You© can help. We offer a local North Bend Lice Removal & Treatment clinic, and can eradicate lice quickly using proven techniques and quality lice removal products, leaving your child free of any head lice contamination after just one treatment. In fact, we even guarantee our in-salon treatments for 30 days!

Any parent who has dealt with this knows that lice can be frustrating, especially when outbreaks reoccur. It can feel like a losing battle. You treat your child with over-the-counter remedies only to see lice return almost immediately, and the process starts all over again. Meanwhile you are losing time at work and school.

But Lice Knowing You© can be your secret weapon. Our trained professionals offer detection and treatment that is painless and effective, taking the stress out of a lice infestation. We treat thousands of cases every year, and we know how to remove lice and keep them at bay. Lice Knowing You© also offers home products that can keep lice away.

All the products we use are safe and made of natural ingredients, free of sulfates, nuts, phthalate, gluten and paraben. Our products have been rigorously tested and are used in our salons every day.

To solve your lice problem in the North Bend area, call Lice Knowing You© to visit our quality North Bend Lice Removal & Treatment Clinic at (206) 654-5423 and let us solve your problem as soon as it starts.


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