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Most parents already have too much to think about. Add a lice infestation to the mix and the result is more work, more lost time and a soaring load of stress. But Lice Knowing You© can be your solution, providing a local Wallingford Lice Removal & Treatment Clinic and quality lice removal products that can ease the frustration.

A lice infestation drains your time. First, working parents must accommodate a child who is home from school, after-care, camp or sports because of the infestation. Children with lice cannot even head to a friend’s house to play. Then, over-the-counter remedies often come up short. The result is that the lice remain, causing more anxiety and more lost time.

Lice Knowing You© can break the cycle of re-infestation. Our professional consultants have deep experience in detecting and destroying lice. We treat thousands of adults and children each year, often eliminating head lice and nits in just one in-salon treatment. Equally important, we educate you on the problem and provide tools to insure that your family stays free of lice in the future, eliminating time off from work and school.

Our painless, in-salon treatments are designed to eliminate lice and keep them from returning—we even offer a guarantee for 30 days. We can also send you home with products that stop future infestations. All of our products are tested by chemists for safety and efficacy, and use only natural ingredients, with no paraben, phthalate, nuts, Gluten or sulfates. Our products are available online, as well as in our salons.

If you are ready for professional help and want to visit our quality Wallingford Lice Removal & Treatment Clinics, call Lice Knowing You© at (206) 654-5423 and let us solve your problem.


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