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Very few things can drain your time like a lice outbreak. But Lice Knowing You© can help, providing a local to Tacoma Lice Removal & Treatment Clinic and getting your household back to normal. We use only quality lice removal products, and proven and practiced techniques.

The last thing a busy parent wants to hear is that a child has lice. It starts with a scramble to find child care, because the infestation prevents children from attending sports, camp, and even school and after-care programs. Then, the frustration continues as you try over-the-counter remedies that often fail to work on the first treatment. A re-infestation occurs and the cycle starts over.

It can feel like an un-winnable situation. But Lice Knowing You© is your professional ally, and we can take the stress out of a lice infestation. Our consultants are experts in detection and treatment, handling thousands of cases involving both children and adults every year, and we provide immediate solutions that last.

Our method leaves children free of head lice and nits after only a single, painless treatment. We even offer a 30-day guarantee on treatments that take place in our salon. We can also send you home with products that insure lice will not reoccur, making sure you don’t lose more time at work and school and that your household returns to its normal routines.

We use only products made with natural ingredients, which are tested in a lab to insure that they are safe and effective. None of our products contain sulfates, phthalate, paraben, Gluten or nuts.

So if you are looking for a one-stop quality Tacoma Lice Removal & Treatment Clinic, and a solution that works the first time, call Lice Knowing You© at (206) 654-5423 and let us get the job done fast.


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