• Our number one method of prevention is to do once-a-week head lice checks. Step-by-Step instructions for how to do a wet head lice check can be found on our products page on this site. Wet lice checks have been proven to be the most effective method of checking with 95% accuracy when done correctly. Please see our Lice Checks page under services to read the most current German study on wet head lice checking
  • Do not share hair accessories: rubber bands, headbands, brushes and combs.
  • Do not share hats, coats, hoodies, sweatshirts, scarves, etc.
  • Children should not hang coats next to each other, but rather put them in a backpack if cubbies are not available. Do not put coats in piles EVER!
  • Head to head contact is the most common way head lice are passed. We recommend using lice prevention products. While not 100% fool-proof, they can be effective in keeping lice away because of their high percentage of essential oils which have been proven effective in the battle against head lice. They also create a barrier on the hair which is also a deterrent. Clinical studies have been performed on head lice prevention products which have proven their effectiveness.
  • Long hair should be kept in braids or ponytails. Boys should keep their hair short.
  • Once a week, take a peek.  You should conduct lice checks at home regularly by putting detangler in the hair and combing through with a Knock-Out Terminator lice comb and wiping on paper towel. You will be able to see nits or lice on the paper towel.

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