Safe and Reliable Organic and Natural Head Lice Treatment for Everyone in the Family

Want to ensure your family receives safe and reliable organic and natural head lice treatment? Have you heard the latest news on pesticide use for household products, cosmetics, and other personal care products? Scientists have found that the use of chemicals such as permethrin, one of the pyrethroid pesticides, can cause prenatal learning disabilities and brain damage. Permethrin is found in many popular head lice treatments. Just one more reason to stick with organic lice treatment for everyone in your family.

According to USA Today, babies exposed to high levels of pesticides while in the womb may suffer from learning problems, a new study suggests. Children exposed to the highest pesticide levels before birth were three times as likely to have a mental delay compared to children with lower levels, the study says.

That’s about the same intelligence loss caused by lead, says Philip Landrigan, a pediatrics professor and environmental health expert at New York’s Mount Sinai School of Medicine.

Pyrethroid pesticides (including popular lice treatment solutions) kill bugs by “being toxic to the developing brain,” Landrigan says. The results are “very believable and should be taken seriously,” Landrigan says.

Lice Knowing You offers organic lice treatment products and natural lice treatment for safe and reliable head lice treatment for everyone in the family.


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