Seattle Lice Treatment Cuts Down On Unnecessary Chemical Exposure.

Many parents try to limit the exposure their children have to harsh chemicals. Limiting exposure is especially important with children and adults who are being treated for illnesses such as cancer, brain tumors, epilepsy, asthma, allergies, and AIDS.  If you are already dealing with an illness you may be interested in receiving natural lice removal or using our organic lice prevention spray. Lice Knowing You has several locations in Washington dealing with natural lice treatment and sell Citramint ™ which is an organic lice prevention spray.

How do Natural Lice Treatment and Prevention Spray Work?

To prevent contracting lice in Seattle without using chemicals you can use Citramint ™ school and play environmental spray which is an enzyme-based formula containing essential oils known to kill and repel head lice and other insects.  This can be sprayed on any shared items including airline seats, theater seats, bedding, furniture, helmets and or costumes to protect against head lice or other insects. Citramint ™ contains natural ingredients such as rosemary, peppermint, tea tree oil, and lemongrass. You can spray this on every day items like hats, scarves, and backpacks.

Next if you think you have contracted head lice in Seattle you can call us come in for one of our head lice checks at our Mercer Island lice treatment salon or one of our other locations. Our head lice checks are done by doing a wet hair check which a recent German study has determined to be much more effective than a dry hair check. If you are found to have head lice you will not be charged for the check only for the treatment of lice in Washington. We also offer a free check to immediate family members if you are found to have lice.  We have a scientifically proven method of completely getting rid of hair lice and nits. Lice Knowing You is the only trained and certified head lice removal experts in Washington State. This can be a safe alternative head lice treatment for the especially susceptible often immuno-suppressed child population. LKY guarantees a head free from the inflammation and itch of head lice in only one treatment. Our highly effective natural lice removal technique promises you or your loved ones a bug free head without the use of unnecessary harsh chemicals. The most promising professional lice removal is a process that completely rids the scalp of head lice by killing the life cycle in the first treatment.

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