Thank you Approximately a month ago, my 4.5 year old daughter was diagnosed with head lice.

Thank you Approximately a month ago, my 4.5 year old daughter was diagnosed with head lice. Her school gave me an advertisement from The Lice Clinic, a company which uses a hairdryer-like device called the Lousebuster. After speaking with the owner of the Lice Clinic and being told that “it was the only FDA Approved treatment for lice,” I decided to use her service. Fast forward 1 month, I received a call from my daughter’s school yesterday and was told that she once again had lice all over her hair. I called the Lice Clinic and received a message this morning that questioned where the outbreak was coming from, insinuating that my daughter had gotten reinfested. Neither her school nor my son’s school have had any other cases of head lice this year. While the Lice Clinic offered to come out and retreat my daughter, no way was I going to pay for another treatment when the first one didn’t work. I realized that I wasn’t taking any more chances. That’s when I decided to call Lice Knowing You©, a head lice removal company with a salon on Mercer Island. Upon inspection at Lice Knowing You©, I quickly learned that there is no way this was a reinfestation. All ages and stages of bugs were in my daughters hair and lots of it. It was clear to me that she never got rid of the head lice. I also ended up having it after being told by the Lice Clinic that I was clear. I can definitively say that the Lousebuster service was ineffective and did not work. It never got rid of the bugs. Also found out that the Lousebuster is NOT FDA approved, but is FDA cleared for marketing purposes only. I feel so duped. Lice Knowing You© thoroughly cleaned mine and my daughter’s head and guarantees their services for 3 weeks. My daughter got back into school right away and I couldn’t have been happier. We will go back in 7 days for a final recheck . The professionalism of this company is amazing as is their combing and I cannot recommend them enough. I have learned that it really is all about the combing and removing every single lice and nit out of the head. Niki M., BSN, RN



Jun 21, 2010

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