The truth about Lice Treatment

Beware of companies using  heat devices that claim to be only a 30 minute treatment.  Read the fine print and know that we have fixed many of these 30 minute treatments.  While these companies tell you their devices are FDA Approved or FDA Medical Devices, this is simply not true.  Neither the safety nor efficacy of these devices has been tested by the FDA.  Please call the FDA info and complaint line at 425-486-8788 to report any misinformation or to get the truth about these devices.

The treatment portion of our service is only 15 minutes, however in addition to your treatment, Lice Knowing You completely removes all lice and nits from the head to ensure that your infestation is gone for good.  Regardless of which treatment you choose, all lice and nits will need to be removed. There are no shortcuts.  Any company telling you differently or telling you that remaining nits in the head are dead and  don’t need to be removed are stealing your money. We  are the only company that guarantees complete lice and nit removal in only one treatment, and we are the only trained and certified head lice removal experts in the State of Washington. We are Doctor, nurse and school recommended.

The Harvard School of Public Health and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend wet manual lice removal with a fine tooth lice comb as the most effective method to get rid of a lice infestation. All it takes is one viable nit left in the hair and you will be back to the beginning, often in a worse situation.

Fall is right around the corner! Prepare yourself for the fight against lice this school year with our organic lice prevention spray. Know the facts so that you don’t waste your time or money getting rid of lice using ineffective methods. Visit our Lice Treatment Salon in Mercer Island or contact us for in-home lice removal in Washington.

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