Tired of Lice Shampoo that Doesn’t Work? Leave the Hassle of Dealing with Head Lice Treatment to LKY

Tired of trying one lice shampoo after another and dealing with toxic chemicals that don’t work to get rid of head lice?  Don’t let it get you down, Lice Knowing You is here to save the day! Our head lice treatment consultants are trained in the most up-to-date methods of removing lice, including strand-by-strand nit removal. Our head lice consultants are experts at working with all children, particularly very young children and children with differing learning abilities such as autism, add/adhd, downs syndrome and cerebral palsy.

Our head lice treatment services come with a 30 day guarantee plus a 90 day VIP membership. We also guarantee that if you are in a school with a no-nit policy, you will be readmitted immediately following lice treatment. Come in for only one appointment and walk out 100% free from head lice . We also offer pesticide, chemical, sulfate and paraben free lice shampoo and lice repellant products. We care about healping your family with head lice free in a safe and healthy way.

For more information on our lice shampoo and products and to make your head lice treatment appointment visit us at LiceKnowingYou.com.


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