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If you are concerned about putting harsh chemicals on your own or your child’s head, consider a natural lice treatment that works without toxic exposure. One of the most effective treatments is manual lice nit removal using a lice comb or tweezers.  This is an in home lice removal method that is advocated by the National Pediculosis Association. This is a very time consuming head lice treatment process and if you are not a professional you may have to repeat the process for several days until all the head lice are gone. Even if you decide to utilize a lice removal shampoo you will still have to take the time to comb out all the nits because many lice removal products do not destroy lice eggs, which will eventually hatch again.

Why has head lice and nits become such a problem?

Head lice are insects and like other insects, repeated exposure to chemicals over an extended period of time has allowed the lice to build up a resistance to the very products once used to kill them, according to Kim Shepherd of Licesolutions.org and founder of the Shepherd Method of Strand by Strand Nit Removal.

Another important factor is the failure to follow through with precautionary measures. While mega cleaning is not necessary, and the environment does not play as important a role as it was once thought, you must still exercise common-sense cleaning. The best advice is to think of your life in a 24-hour window. Consider what items you had contact with in that time period and keep your focus on those items only. Remember, lice DO NOT live in your home. The problem is on your head and the heads of those around you.

Additionally is the risk that parents just aren’t getting it all out. If nits are left on the hair to hatch, the cycle will start all over again. Equally important is the need to recognize and remove nymphs. Often as tiny as the tip of a very sharp pencil, nymphs grow to start families of their own. Finally, don’t forget it is a contact issue.

While resistance issues are considered a large factor, they are far from being totally responsible. As the pharmaceutical companies are quick to point out, the directions on the package are there for a reason. Unless you are willing to read and follow them in their entirety, you can’t expect the products to end the problem.

That’s where Lice Knowing You steps in to make the Seattle lice removal process a whole lot less time consuming and tedious. For your convenience, we offer professional lice removal at our offices for lice treatment in Mercer Island or for lice treatment in Federal Way. Visit us at www.LiceKnowingYou.com for more information on how to make your appointment today.


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