Why choose a Salon Visit vs. a Home Visit

When it comes to head lice removal in Portland, you may be wondering what the benefits are to coming to our Portland lice clinic as compared to receiving in home lice removal services.

  1. We get you lice and nit free in only 1 treatment.  Guaranteed.  You do not have to do additional treatments with us to receive our 30 day guarantee.  You are guaranteed from the moment you walk out our door.  No questions asked!
  2. We can almost always get you in immediately when you call to make an appointment
  3. We offer a 90 day VIP membership with every treatment, which entitles you to 6 free checks anytime during the 90 days following your treatment.  So if your daughter’s best friend calls to tell you they have head lice, make an appointment for a free check!  It’s just that simple.
  4. In our salon, we have multiple technicians to work on your family at all times.  A home visit often has only one technician and can last hours and hours.
  5. We have the ability to screen all family members for free when you are receiving treatment in our salon.  You can also have friends and other acquaintances come in and be checked so that you can avoid re-exposure.
  6. We offer professional salon seating as well as perfect lighting to perform head lice removal safely, quickly and effectively.
  7. We take you out of the stress of your environment and teach you how to avoid unnecessary work in your home when you have a head lice infestation.
  8. Your children are easily entertained with our big screen TVs and lice free playroom, equipped with Wii games and lots of fun.
  9. Most importantly, our salon gives you peace of mind and lets you resume your normal life immediately following treatment.

For more information about our lice treatment salon in Portland or visit us at LiceKnowingYou.com.


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