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Are you, your child, or any family member that resides with you in Beaverton infested with lice? If this is the case, then you should call Lice Knowing You© immediately to help resolve and remove the presence of lice fast. Lice Knowing You© only uses the safest and most effective treatment products and methods, and assures you that any nits and lice will be demolished after your first in salon appointment with us..guaranteed! For a Beaverton Lice Removal & Treatment clinic and quality lice removal products, contact the pros at Lice Knowing You© first.

Don’t go the route of purchasing expensive, ineffective, and dangerous over the counter treatment medications that could potentially be harmful and not finish the job – contact Lice Knowing You© for our safe and natural lice prevention, removal, and treatment products that resolve the problem effectively and safely.

Our lice removal technicians can inspect you or your child to confirm that lice are indeed present. It is key to make sure that nits and lice are actually on your head, as this is something that is commonly misdiagnosed and sometimes is mistaken as dandruff. Once our technicians do confirm if lice and nits are existing, we can recommend the most effective method or products required for proper treatment.

Any of the Lice Knowing You© treatment salons offer our specialized products that will knock out lice fast; our products are also available for purchase through our online store. Our staff of nit pickers and lice consultants can not only tell you how to use our products correctly, but they can also resolve the problem for you. Let Lice Knowing You© handle any lice infestation you may have and take the stress out of this annoying pest.

For guaranteed services you can trust, or to purchase products, contact Lice Knowing You© to visit our quality Beaverton Lice Removal & Treatment clinic, to receive excellent customer service using only the safest and healthiest methods on the market.


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