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Lice Cost Analysis

the real cost of lice

Lice Cost Analysis

Lice can be itchy and annoying. Certainly, having head lice is no fun. But what you might not expect is this: lice is expensive. Getting treated properly requires some investment. Factor in the added cost of a second child with lice, or trying unsuccessful treatments, and it starts to add up real quick.

The Real Cost of Having Lice

Doctor’s visits, multiple toxic, pesticide treatments, gadgets, combs, beauty salon lice products, internet lice products, homemade remedies, items tossed unnecessarily, more doctor visits and finally prescription strength pesticide treatments. All with no success.

Not to mention the countless loads of laundry, cleaning and the stress! Lice can bring even the strongest person to their knees because it can be seemingly impossible to get rid of. Following is the real cost of head lice based on market research:

  • Doctor Visits for diagnosis and guidance: $250.00
  • Rid Complete Kit: $47.98
  • Nix Family Kit: $21.99
  • Internet Lice Products, Homemade Remedies, Gadgets, Prevention Products: $150.00
  • Prescription Lice Treatments: $265.98
  • Replacement hair brushes, combs, hair accessories: $100.00
  • Missed Work (3 days missed work on average Based on $50,000 salary): $450.00
  • Missed School (Private) (3 days missed school on average based on $10,000 Tuition): $167.00
  • Missed after-school activities: $100.00
  • Additional Water and Electricity charges due to Extra Laundry and cleaning: $200.00

Total dollar amount: $1,752.95

Immeasurable Costs

Countless Hours of Combing; Countless Hours of Cleaning; Missed Birthday Parties; Missed extracurricular activities: Lack of Sleep, Anger, Depression, Anxiety, Stress on Family; Stress on Marriage; Stress on Friendships; Long Term effects of Toxic Lice Treatment. The list goes on and on.

Did You Know?

If you receive treatment from a licensed and certified head lice removal professional, your Treatment is most likely covered by your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) if you participated in your company plan. Your treatment may also be covered by Insurance. You will need to call your provider to determine coverage

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