Boise Lice Treatment & Removal

Boise Lice Treatment & Removal

It is the same old story time and time again – a parent is knee-deep in their workday, and receives the dreaded call from their child’s school. To their relief, the call does not indicate the child is sick, but nonetheless, it is an emergency because head lice has been discovered. Every school has different procedures, and it may be another child in the class that is carrying the lice – however, for the safety of all, every child gets sent home. For those in need of lice removal in Boise, Lice Knowing You can help.

It may or may not be convenient to take the child immediately to the pediatrician. Walk-in clinics can make patients wait for hours, so what is a parent to do? Let Lice Knowing You take care of any lice removal issues that arise. With no environmental toxins, all of our lice removal treatments are non-toxic, safe for kids, pets, and adults. No pesticides are involved, and all of our products are backed by a 30-day guarantee, to ensure that all of our clients are pleased with the quick and efficient removal of lice.

Our products can be take-home, so that parents can take care of life efficiently in their own homes. However, for those who don’t want to take the hands-on approach, Lice Knowing You has many locations in the Boise and Northwest area with trained, hired technicians that can efficiently get rid of any outbreak of lice.

Whether your needs require a visit to our lice treatment clinic, or you need one of our at-home lice treatment and removal products, Lice Knowing You offers the best treatment and guarantee for lice removal in Boise.


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