Caldwell Lice Treatment & Removal

Caldwell Lice Treatment & Removal

It is never easy to be a parent, and receive that call from a child’s school saying that the child must be picked up immediately. Whether the parent is at work or at home, it’s beyond inconvenient. It can be downright scary not knowing exactly what is wrong with a child. While getting a call concerning lice is no major cause for alarm, it still needs immediate, and prompt attention. Depending on the school’s policies and procedures, entire classes may get sent home simply over an outbreak of lice in the class. No matter the reason, Lice Knowing You provides the best lice removal in Caldwell, so that any type of infestation is removed quickly, easily, and most of all, safely.

Here at Lice Knowing You, we have a complete line of lice removal products, that can help remove lice safely at home. All of our products contain no pesticides, and are environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Every single product that we use and sell is safe for pets, children, babies, and of course, adults. We also stand behind all of our products and our services and offer a full 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked.

For those parents that want to eradicate the lice problem right in the comfort of their own home, we have many products for use that you can take home. For those that are uncomfortable with such a hands-on treatment, we have many locations throughout Caldwell and the Northwest where we offer our lice removal services in-house with trained technicians. Just as with our take-home products, our services are backed by a 30-day guarantee.

For those that need quick, efficient, and safe lice removal in Caldwell, Lice Knowing You is the best at what we do.


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