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Lice are actually parasites that feed on human beings, and no other species. They maintain their standards and do not attack cattle, dogs, birds or any other animal; they are just a nuisance for humans. When you face this kind of problem, you need seek professional guidance and apply quality lice removal products, such as the services from Lice Knowing You© and visit our local Edmonds Lice Removal & Treatment Clinic.

Teachers sometimes have the unpleasant task of sending notes to notify parents informing about a child in the class with head lice. It is common that lice are misdiagnosed by school staff and that the appearance of lice can actually be just dandruff.

Because of this important fact, if you do receive notification from your child’s school that lice has been identified, you should seek a professional opinion prior to treatment to ensues that nits and lice are in fact present.

The professional and experienced lice treatment removal technicians at Lice Knowing You© can help rid you or your family members with lice almost immediately. We offer a 30 day guarantee with completion of our in salon treatment and assure you that lice will be removed quickly and effectively.

We also offer a comprehensive line of lice removal products which can be purchased in our salons or online. For information on getting rid of head lice, contact Lice Knowing You© We provide quality Edmonds Lice Removal & Treatment clinic services only using the safest and most effective treatment methods available.


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