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Visit our clinic in Mercer Island. 

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Please note that our Federal Way location is no longer open. However, our lice clinic in Mercer Island is still open! Give us a call today to set up an appointment for a professional lice check or lice treatment.

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We know having lice is not fun - in fact, it's the opposite. As a result, kids can often be distressed when they need to come in for an appointment. We design our clinic to put them at ease in every way possible - from our waiting room play area to staffing only the gentlest, most caring lice technicians. We also only use non-toxic and allergy-free products so you don't have to worry about sacrificing safety for a lice-free head.

Fast & Easy

Lice are slow - but treatment doesn't have to be. The Lice Knowing You® guarantee is that all clients who come in for a removal treatment will be lice-free for 30 days afterward. If not, we'll provide an additional lice-removal treatment to ensure that even the stubbornest lice are history. A cost analysis of lice removal shows that professional treatment is often more cost effective than at home remedies - and even more so if you come in early.

Why Choose Lice Knowing® You?

There are a number of lice clinics to choose from, but Lice Knowing You is the only one that is locally-owned and community-endorsed. Read our testimonials below and watch the video at right, in which we were featured by Seattle-based King 5 News.

"Lice Knowing You is the best lice salon for miles. If you or your kids have lice, don't wait - head to LKY!!" 

"Lice are a nightmare. Do yourself a favor and go to Lice Knowing You. You will NOT regret - they are so thorough and you'll walk away cured of your lice!"

"OMG Lice Knowing You saved my life! My kids were ALL infected and it was terrible... But LKY cured them all in the space of a few hours. Thank you!!"

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