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A lice diagnosis or potential exposure to someone found to have lice can be disconcerting. It is perfectly natural to be upset, angry and dismayed but support is available within the area. The trained technicians Lice Knowing You©, at our local Ferndale Lice Removal Treatment Clinics have the necessary expertise and high quality lice removal products to rid you and your family of this annoying problem in a professional and timely manner.

It is interesting to note that lice to not discriminate between clean and soiled hair so anyone can be a prospective target. An intensely itchy head is the most distinguishing symptom of a lice infestation but not everyone manifests this uncomfortable sign. For a completely certain lice identification it is essential to cautiously examine the hair and head to conclude if lice and their eggs are visible.

The nits bear a resemblance to dandruff but are not easily swept from the hair. Prevalent in all seasons, lice are generally observed primarily in children, as they spend so much time in the close quarters of schools and daycare facilities.

Lice Knowing You© uses organic lice removal products created with essential oils that are not only safe and effective, but are free of pesticides and chemicals and are completely natural. Our removal process is painless, individualized and without stress and will fully eradicate all lice and nits.

Treatment in our salon is stress free and comfortable. Several technicians can work with each individual family member at once, taking advantage of our specially designing lighting to better see the insects. Our spa-like environment encourages a positive attitude in a less than positive situation. We will inspect everyone, provide personal treatment and propose recommendations for protecting your home from lice, discouraging intrusions at a future date and eliminating lice and their eggs from each person.

Consult Lice Knowing You© for our quality Ferndale Lice Removal & Treatment Clinic at (206) 654-5423 to discuss your options for lice treatment with one of our qualified lice removal technicians. Schedule an appointment today.






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