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Lice Knowing YouLice Knowing You© is the premier head lice removal company in Issaquah and on the Eastside. We make house calls to Issaquah and the surrounding area with all the necessary items to make head lice removal as quick and painless as possible. Our head lice removal experts utilize what we consider the best products on the market. Our lice removal products are 100% Natural, Organic and Non-Toxic with absolutely no chemicals or pesticides and are safe for even the youngest members of your family. During the lice removal process, Lice Knowing You© will provide free consultation on taking care of your Issaquah home to ensure that the head lice will be gone for good. We use a scientifically proven 3-step process designed to remove the hair of lice and nits quickly and thoroughly. All of our consultants are trained in the most up to date methods of head lice removal. Our consultants are not only lice removal experts, but they are experts at working with children.

Worried that you may have head lice, but aren’t quite sure? Let the experts at Lice Knowing You© complete a thorough lice check. If you do require head lice removal treatment and decide to be treated by Lice Knowing You©, you will not be charged the cost of the head check, only for the lice removal treatment.

Lice Knowing You© is available days, evenings, and weekends in Issaquah and surrounding areas. Our lice removal service is $95 per hour (per consultant). Ask your insurance company if lice removal is covered by your policy.

Below are some testimonials from residents of Issaquah and the surrounding Eastside. You can also view comments from other lice removal customers by visiting our Testimonials page.

Client: A.S., Washington

“I could not be more pleased with the experience we had with Lice Knowing You©. It was a stressful situation for all of us, and your technicians were great with kids and professional at the same time. Thanks so much for all your help- this service is worth every penny. I’d recommend Lice Knowing You© to everyone, and while I hope not to have to use your service again, would definitely call you again if needed!”
Client: M.D., Washington

“Lice Knowing You© came to my house fully prepare to deal with our problem. From the very start, I felt back in control. The technician was completely competent and confident the problem would be over and done provided we just followed the protocol for seven days. It was hard, but it worked. We’re done! I highly recommend Lice Knowing You© to anyone who finds themselves with these uninvited guests crawling around their home or head. LKY made a potentially awful situation manageable. I don’t think I could have done it without them, or wanted to.”
Client: J.E. – Washington

Having lived through one round of lice in our home, I knew what I was up against the second time lice ‘arrived’. I did not hesitate for ONE SECOND to call Lice Knowing You© and have them do their treatment on my daughter. The level of professionalism, the advice, sympathy and overall process was worth EVERY PENNY spent to have piece of mind in knowing my daughter was virtually ‘clean’ the moment they finished her treatment. I could also rest easy knowing neither I, nor our younger daughter had lice. The amount of time and energy I would have had to expend to try and rid my daughter of her head lice would have been exhaustive. Lice Knowing You© saved my sanity!!!!


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