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Every parent has to address it sooner or later: that call from the school, camp or after-care program saying that your child has lice. And few things are more frustrating. Lice infestation has to be dealt with immediately using only quality lice removal products, meaning your child cannot play with their friends, go to school, or attend camp or after care until the lice are removed. Moreover, it can often feel like a losing battle: you remove lice with an over-the-counter remedy only to see them return. But there is a smart and fast solution. Lice Knowing You© offers many local Sammamish Lice Removal & Treatment Clinics,  and we can take the stress out of a lice outbreak fast.

Lice Knowing You© offers quick and painless treatment that removes lice and keeps them away. We treat thousands of cases every year and our trained consultants are experts in detection, eradication and prevention. Our treatments are a safe and effective way to combat lice.

Lice can be disruptive for working parents, who are forced to miss work as they scramble to find child care and arrange for treatment. It’s no great time for children, either. But Lice Knowing You© makes it easy to solve the problem immediately. We are so confident that our in-salon treatments will address your problem that we offer a 30-day guarantee. We also sell home treatment products that stop a re-infestation from disrupting your routine again.

The products we use at Lice Knowing You© are tested by scientists and use only natural ingredients. All are free of paraben, gluten, nuts, phthalate and sulfates.

For a quality Sammamish Lice Removal & Treatment Clinic—and to keep lice away for good, call Lice Knowing You© at (206) 654-5423 and let us help you immediately.


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