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Professional Head & Hair Lice Treatments Near Me For Portland, Oregon

Professionasl Hair Lice Treatments Portland, 97204

How Much Will Hair Lice Treatments Cost In Portland?

Professionasl Hair Lice Treatments Portland, 97204

MYTH: I can’t afford to hire Lice Knowing You©

: Hiring Lice Knowing You© to rid your head lice is cheaper than doing it yourself – really! Take the stress out of lice and visit a Lice Knowing You© Salon nearby Portland! 

Portland Hair Lice Treatment Services

In-Salon and Mobile Lice Removal Treatment Services to Nearby Multnomah County

  • Professionasl Hair Lice Treatments Portland, 9720430 Day Treatment Guarantee
  • Always Discreet & Confidential
  • Covered By Many Insurance Plans
  • Covered By Flex & Health Spending Accounts

Our Lice Treatment Products

  • Our Products Are Green & Family Friendly
  • All Products Are Natural, Organic, Non-Toxic, Paraben, Sulfate, Pesticide, Gluten, Dairy, Soy, & Nut Free
  • Lice Removal and Detection Kits
  • Everyday Use Prevention Products
  • Environmental Sprays and Wipes

Lice Removal & Hair Treatment Nearby Portland,  Oregon!

The word LICE is enough to bring even the strongest person to their knees. Lice Knowing You© is the most trusted, most respected and doctor recommended head lice removal company in Oregon. We are your family’s one-stop shop dedicated to getting you and your family lice and nit free, naturally, in one treatment, guaranteed!

“Thank you for turning a stressful situation into a calm, manageable experience. Your friendliness and care made all the difference. Your thoroughness was SUPERB!” – Shelly Lewin, a happy client

Regardless of where you live or your head lice situation, Lice Knowing You© will help you and your family pick a fight with lice…and win!