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When the note comes home with your child that they were found with head lice, you probably face a momentary sense of panic. After all, you have heard horror stories from other parents about all of the drastic measures they had to take to get rid of these pests, including the hours upon hours of combing through their children’s hair and the washing of every fabric item in the home. When you need a Portland Lice Removal & Treatment Clinic or quality lice removal products where should one turn?

After your brief panic, reality sets in. You know you need a quick, painless solution to this problem. You know that missing school and work is not a workable solution for your family. The solution you need is Lice Knowing You©.

We are Portland’s primary source for lice removal products and services. Parents know they can trust us when dealing with their children’s lice problems because our products are made without pesticides and contain no damaging environmental toxins.

With our lice treatments, you can get rid of lice quickly, without much downtime. We offer lice-repelling products to rid your home of the pests without all of the hassle of what your friends went through. Our lice removal products are safe, effective and quick.

Sometimes, the note that comes home from school is not that your child is affected, but rather that someone in his or her class was. Our lice detection kit allows you to double check for nits and lice to ensure your child is free of these pests. We offer every one of our products for sale online, so you can have them shipped directly to your home.

In addition to our award winning products, we also have local lice removal salons located throughout the Portland, Oregon area. At these locations, we will use our products to remove lice while you wait. Our technicians can treat all of your family simultaneously, so you can spend even less time dealing with a lice invasion. We will gladly send you home with products to deal with any future problems.

Do not let lice stop you from enjoying life. With Lice Knowing You©, you can be rid of them once and for all, and all without damaging chemicals. So start shopping today for the products you need to be done with lice and back to your normal life! For a quality Portland Lice Removal & Treatment Clinic that guarantees results, contact the pros at Lice Knowing You©.


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