Seattle and Portland Organic Lice Treatment – Don’t Settle for Less!

Each year in the United States, as many as 6 million children will be treated for head lice. Many parents turn to pesticide based products as a solution. Before using a pesticide shampoo as treatment for head lice, parents should be aware that alternatives do exist. Parents should also know that careful combing is necessary to effectively treat head lice, regardless of whether a pesticide based or organic lice treatment product is used.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recognizes the potential health risk of pesticide based shampoos and does not recommend their use, except as a last resort in extreme cases. Even in extreme cases there is no need to use a pesticide based lice treatment. In cases such as these the most important thing is careful, thorough combing to remove all lice and nits. Lice Knowing You© are the only trained and certified head lice removal experts in Washington state. We utilize the Shepherd Method ™ Of Strand-By-Stand Nit Removal which is considered by many experts to be the most thorough and effective lice removal technique in the world.

Parents who decide to use a pesticide based shampoo should educate themselves about the potential health effects of available products. According to the EPA, the active ingredients lindane and permethrin have been shown to cause cancer in laboratory animals. These shampoos have caused minor to severe eye and skin irritation. Even cases of seizures and death associated with the misuse of lindane have been reported. Lindane and permethrin have both been shown to have neurological effects and are suspected of disrupting hormone systems.

We consider our lice removal products to be the best on the market. They are completely all natural, non-toxic, organic lice treatment products with absolutely no pesticides or chemicals and are safe for even the youngest members of your family.

Keeping around a bottle of our Citramint Environmental Lice Repellent Spray or Lice Repellent Detangler will ensure you’re prepared to prevent the infestation of lice. These products are a natural option that will repel lice before they become a problem, and they’re free of toxic chemicals and pesticides that have been linked with autism.

Treating lice doesn’t have to be difficult.  With Lice Knowing You©, you’re guaranteed to be lice free after only one visit.  With our professional consultants on your side, you have the tools to recover from lice infestations with as little turmoil as possible. Our scientifically proven process along with our invaluable free lice education will give you back your life. With 100% guaranteed Seattle and Portland lice treatment services from our consultants, you’ll be in the best care with Lice Knowing You©.


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