The Dangers of Lice Pesticides

Pesticides can be incredibly dangerous – this is one of the reasons Lice Knowing You©, Inc carries only non-toxic, natural lice treatments, safe enough for your entire family. In fact, there have been numerous reports on the dangers of lice treatment pesticides, including the following statements from recognized authorities:

“Sometimes the medicine is worse than the disease. It is unfortunate that well intentioned parents treating their children with toxic or flammable substances have caused deaths and poisonings.”

– Department of Immunology and Infectious Diseases, Harvard School of Public Health

“There is absolutely no need to expose children to any pesticide to treat head lice.”

– Marion Moses MD, Designer Poisons

“Panicked parents who would not normally expose their children to potentially hazardous materials will apply pesticides in haste, sometimes well beyond the recommended frequency and dosages.”

– Common Sense Quarterly Report (BIRC), Fall 1998

“Never assume a pesticide is safe. Anything designed to disrupt a living organism-plant or animal-may also prove harmful to humans or other animals in unexpected ways.”

-Theo Colborn, Ph.D., Our Stolen Future

“Preparations like Rid and Kwell…are definitely toxic to people.”

-Dr. Andrew Weil, MD, Author of Ask Dr. Weil, Spontaneous Healing and Eight Weeks to Optimum Health

Applying pesticides to the scalp makes it easy for toxic substances to be absorbed directly into the blood stream, because the scalp has many blood vessels that are close to the skin. Children also have a less mature immune system to protect them, and lack the advanced enzyme systems that can process these chemicals.

The two main pesticides used most today are lindane and pyrethrins.  Lindane is highly toxic – routine use has been shown to lead to neurotoxic and blood disorders.  It has been found to be highly carcinogenic.

Pyrethrins, permethrin, and pyrethrum were once natural products, but have long since been produced as chemical imitations, adding to their killing power.  Many pyrethrin treatments contain formaldehyde – a substance now listed as carcinogenic.  Pyrethrins have been shown to cause allergic reactions, attacking the nervous system and causing skin irritations. Permethrin is one of the components in Raid House and Garden spray – and it’s used as a lice treatment at four times the concentration found in Raid.

We recommend a natural lice removal – the Shepherd Method ™ Of Strand-By-Stand Nit Removal – and it’s considered by many experts to be the most thorough and effective lice removal technique in the world.  We also offer natural lice treatment products to keep lice at bay.  With Lice Knowing You©, your family is guaranteed to be lice and nit free after only one treatment – and without all the harsh and potentially dangerous chemicals.

When you need lice removal in Portland, call Lice Knowing You© – our scientifically proven process along with our invaluable free lice education will give you back your life. With 100% guaranteed Washington head lice treatment and Oregon head lice treament services from our consultants, you’ll be in the best care with Lice Knowing You©.


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