Top Rated Seattle and Bellevue Head Lice Clinic and Treatment Salon

Searching for a Seattle head lice clinic that will cure your lice with a head lice treatment that lasts after only one treatment. Sound too good to be true? Well it’s not, Lice Knowing You lice treatment salon is proud to offer a three part guarantee that is among the best in the head lice treatment business.

Whether you need a Bellevue head lice clinic or a Seattle head lice clinic, we are available evenings, weekends, and days for your appointment. We can also treat your entire family at once with multiple head lice treatment specialists that are highly trained and experienced. Our Seattle head lice clinic has been praised and published by many in the press and Lice Knowing You was recently featured in the Time magazine article, “Lice. They’re Not So Nice.”

Our Bellevue head lice clinic uses only organic and 100% natural products in a scientifically proven 3 step process to rid the hair of lice and nits quickly and thoroughly. Our lice treatment salon cares about keeping your family head lice free in a safe and healthy way. If you do decide to be treated by our lice treatment salon, you will not be charged the cost of the head check, only for the lice removal treatment. To learn more about our Bellevue head lice clinic visit us at


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