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Bellevue Lice Treatment

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Do your kids go to school in Bellevue? Are you preparing for a summer trip? Or do you have a lice outbreak in your community? If you are asking these questions, you may be in search of a professional, locally trusted lice treatment clinic near you.

With over ten years of experience in the lice treatment industry, we know how uncomfortable a lice problem can be! Luckily, you've come to the right place. The Lice Knowing You® team can quickly determine whether a lice infestation exists - through our wet lice head checks - and completely remove all lice from any head. Our removal appointments will leave you lice-free in one appointment, with a 30-day guarantee. We are conveniently located in the eastside, a short 10-minute drive from your Bellevue home. Make your lice problem a thing of the past - book an appointment with Lice Knowing You® today.

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Our spacious head lice treatment salon near Bellevue has been serving eastside families since 2007. Our clinic is family-friendly with lots of toys, an art station, and videos to keep your kids busy while they get their head lice and nits removed. Our staff comes to work with a customer-first mindset and are prepared to take care of your children during lice treatment. Also, our eastside location is committed to sustainability and the environment. In accordance with our mission, none of our products use animal testing, and they are all-natural and organic, as well as soy-, dairy-, nut- and preservative-free. 

Our Eastside Lice Clinic

We are located on the corner of SE 30th and Island Crest Way, just off I90 and minutes from the Mercer Island QFC. This makes our location extremely convenient for families like you living in the Bellevue area. Our appointments can sometimes take upwards of an hour, but our convenient location means a child's lice appointment doesn't have to stop your whole day. Visit nearby Island Books or Mercer Island Shopping Center while you wait. We know how inconvenient lice can be; luckily, our location isn't.

Affordable & Quick

At Lice Knowing You®, we know there's no quicker, painless, or more cost effective way to get rid of lice than a professional treatment. Whether you're wondering your child has lice, or you've been fighting a case for weeks, save yourself the burden of worry. Book an appointment with Lice Knowing You® and we'll take care of everything. Call us for our earliest availability, or fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we'll get back to you ASAP. Or, visit our Products page to see our collection of natural lice treatment and care products.

30 Day Guarantee - Or Your Money Back 

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Why Choose Lice Knowing You® For Bellevue Lice Treatment?

Check out testimonials from our lice-free clients and the video at right - in which we were interviewed by King 5 News. Find out why Lice Knowing You® is rated the #1 lice clinic in the Bellevue area.

"Lice Knowing You Bellevue was a true life saver. They were kind, gentle, and fast. Thank you LKY!!" 

"I hate to say that lice has swept through my family twice now. Having been to multiple lice clinics, I can honestly say Lice Knowing You is the best clinic on the Eastside." 

"If your child has lice, Lice Knowing You Bellevue is your best bet by far. They are so gentle and thorough - when they say it takes one appointment to get rid of lice, they mean it! 100% recommend!" 

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