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Who are the Lice Knowing You® Lice Removal Consultants?

  • All head lice removal consultants are trained in the most effective methods of head lice treatment and removal. We are not nit-pickers, we use a scientifically proven combing method along with proven nit-picking techniques to eliminate head lice from the hair.
  • All head lice consultants have vast knowledge about head lice and head lice treatment. They practice a skilled method of combing to ensure that our clients are lice and nit free in one treatment.
  • All head lice removal consultants are experts at working with children of all ages and differing learning abilities such as autism, add/adhd, downs syndrome, and cerebral palsy.

Lice Knowing You® staff consists of teachers, medical professionals, moms, and therapists.

Languages: Spanish, Japanese, French and English.

Visit Lice Knowing You® Lice Treatment Salon in Mercer Island.

3003 Island Crest Way, #1, Mercer Island, WA 98040
(206) 590-8136 or (206) 654-LICE



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