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As news about COVID-19 continues to develop, we want to let you know that we are following strict procedures to keep our facilities clean and our patients healthy. You can learn more about the measures we're taking here. For reliable information on the novel coronavirus, refer to King County's public health coverage and the CDC website.

***At this time, all clinics remain open.***


Who are the Lice Knowing You© Lice Removal Consultants?

  • All head lice removal consultants are trained in the most effective methods of head lice treatment and removal. We are not nit-pickers, we use a scientifically proven combing method along with proven nit-picking techniques to eliminate head lice from the hair.
  • All head lice consultants have vast knowledge about head lice and head lice treatment. They practice a skilled method of combing to ensure that our clients are lice and nit free in one treatment.
  • All head lice removal consultants are experts at working with children of all ages and differing learning abilities such as autism, add/adhd, downs syndrome and cerebral palsy.

Lice Knowing You© staff consists of teachers, medical professionals, moms and therapists.

Languages: Spanish, Japanese, French and English.

Visit the original Lice Knowing You© Lice Treatment Salon in Mercer Island or one of our other lice treatment salons located in Washington & Oregon.