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Lice Knowing You® Natural Lice Treatment Products

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Lice Knowing You® is excited to offer a comprehensive line of natural lice detection, removal and prevention products. All products were developed by a team of scientists and chemists, working together with Lice Knowing You®, with a goal of creating a safe and effective product line for the detection, elimination and prevention of head lice. All Lice Knowing You® lice products are made of only natural ingredients and are vegan, nut-free, sulfate-free, phthalate-free, gluten-free and paraben-free.

Lice Knowing You® products DO NOT contain any carcinogens or neurotoxins that could be harmful to humans or animals. Lice Knowing You® products ARE NOT animal tested and are not sold as pediculicides.

All Lice Knowing You® products are clinically tested and used, daily, in all Lice Knowing You® head lice removal and treatment clinics.  Lice Knowing You® is proud to say that we are doctor and nurse recommended for the elimination and prevention of head lice.

You can rest easy knowing that you have a fast, safe and effective solution to detect, eliminate and prevent head lice – just like the professionals.

Our natural lice treatment products are also available for Wholesale Purchase and Distributorships

Lice Knowing You® – Natural Lice Detection Products

Lice Knowing You® lice detection products make it easy to find a lice infestation and stop it in its tracks. The only product of its kind, for consumers, on the market today, the Lice Knowing You® Lice Detection Kit is chemical and pesticide free and contains everything you’ll need to detect head lice and determine if treatment is needed. Stop treating head lice unnecessarily out of fear … Detect and Protect with Lice Knowing You®!

Lice Knowing You® – Natural Lice Removal Products

You’ve got head lice – now what? The Lice Knowing You® Knock-Out Lice Removal System is the most comprehensive head lice removal and treatment kit available on the market today. Each kit contains a natural, pesticide free, clinically proven 3-step system designed to dissolve nit glue and is proven to help eliminate lice safely and effectively. The Lice Knowing You® Knock-Out Lice Removal System – provides everything consumers will need to perform a head lice removal at home – just like the professionals.

Each kit contains approximately eight treatments – enough for an initial treatment for a family of four and follow-up treatment*. It’s time to pick a fight with lice…. and win.

Lice Knowing You® – Natural Lice Prevention Products

Lice Knowing You® head lice prevention products contain 100% natural and organic ingredients. Designed to keep hair clean, smelling good, and lice-free, all Lice Knowing You® prevention products have a “double-whammy” effect. Not only do they contain ingredients that coat the hair shaft, but they also contain a proprietary blend of seven different essential oils proven to prevent head lice and other insects while leaving hair silky smooth and frizz-free.

Just wash, condition, spray, gel, or wipe and feel good knowing that you’ve given lice the brush off! Lice Knowing You® prevention products are sold in 3oz, 8 oz, and 32oz bottles.