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Thank you Approximately a month ago, my 4.5 year old daughter was diagnosed with head lice. Her school gave me an advertisement from The Lice Clinic, a company which uses a hairdryer-like device called the Lousebuster. After speaking with the owner of the Lice Clinic and being told that “it was the only FDA Approved treatment for lice,” I decided to use her service. Fast forward 1 month, I received a call from my daughter’s school yesterday and was told that she once again had lice all over her hair.

Lice Free Yippee! This company literally saved my sanity. I had been dealing with head lice for more than 3 months on me and my 3 kids and I just couldn’t stand it one more minute. As a single mom, there was absolutely no one to help me and I just couldn’t miss another day of work and they couldn’t miss any more school. I called to make an appointment and they got my family in within one hour. My entire family was in and out of there in less than two hours and we never found another thing on our head.

I just took my son for a head check with Janet at your Beaverton location, following the notification of some lice cases in his classroom at the private school he attends. I could not have been more impressed!

Portland, OR

My daughter’s school called to tell me she had lice, right in the middle of a major meeting with two executives. They were very understanding and let me leave to go pick her up right away. I called Lice Knowing You© on the way and they said to “come right over.” They got us in and out of there in just over an hour. She was able to go right back to school (they checked when we came back and found nothing) and I was able to go back to work.