Stacey Roundy, Caleb, Andrew, Matty, Sammy and Eden too.  But not Daddy because he is a manly-man with lots of testosterone.

A humongous thanks for treating our family yesterday for lice.  I came into the salon feeling like the one of the worst mothers in the world, knowing that two of my children had lice.  Then, to find that 6 out of 7 family members needed treatment, my “worst mother” status jumped a few rankings.

But, later it occurred to me that lice does not equal bad motherhood…instead, getting rid of lice equals great motherhood!!  Thank you for helping me take care of my family!  Your salon and staff made me a hero in the eyes of my children as they came home clean and worry free.

Jay Rosenbloom MD PhD

Unfortunately lice is a common problem for kids everywhere. Lice are not dangerous but eliminating them is often stressful, frustrating, time consuming and messy. Fortunately Portland, now has “Lice Knowing You©”, a service that guarantees they will get rid of all of a child’s lice, 100%. This is a resource countless families (and their pediatricians) will be so grateful to have.

 Client: Susan Menendez, SW Portland mother of three long, wavy-haired daughters

I’ve been through one round of lice with one of our daughter two years so I was not pleased to discover another case on another daughter the 2nd week of summer. I dreaded facing countless hours of nit-picking her and checking my other two daughters. After a couple days we discovered I had them as well. My husband really didn’t know what to look for so I turned to the internet to find a service that could treat us. I had read about professionals who come to your house but then I found Lice Knowing You©. Luckily they were nearby and got us right in. They treated the two of us and checked the rest of my family. Janet and her staff were so thorough we came out of there in a few hours 100% lice free. For anyone who has ever had lice in their household, you know how disruptive it can be and how long it takes to get rid of them. Lice Knowing You© saved my summer – instead of checking heads and doing extra laundry and housecleaning for weeks and weeks, we were able to get right back to our life. I would highly recommend Lice Knowing You© to anyone, adult or child.

 Client: Pam Christie

Your ladies in Federal Way were wonderful with our daughter. Helped sooth her stressed out mind! I sent her up on her own, as I couldn’t have made that time with her. We are very appreciative and thankful. Our daughter was able to walk away with a 100% outlook for her day!:) Thank you so very much for the work you all do!! We will continue to share your business with everyone we know or meet that might need you all.

Client: S and S, Seattleites living on the eastside

If you are reading this testimonial than you probably have lice. STOP READING and pick up the phone and call Lice Knowing You©. I promise you it will be the best money you’ve ever spent! To all the wonderful ladies at Lice Knowing You©, thank you doesn’t seem like enough. You took us in at what seemed like our darkest hour and turned the tears of my wife and children into laughter. We had spent hundreds of dollars in just 2.5 weeks before coming to you on what we now know as failed heated air device treatments. Beyond stating the obvious that the heated air device doesn’t work, I can also tell you that I feel completely ripped off by the company that provided this service. We had been told at those treatments that any remaining nits and bugs in our hair were dead or dying and not to worry. Comb if you want, but you don’t have to was the information provided to us. Unfortunately this was untrue information. When we discovered lice on our heads once again, I thought my wife was going to have to be sedated.

Lice were just one of many things going on in our life at the time and the rediscovery basically was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I called Nancy at 5:30 on a Wednesday night, just as the shop was closing. She could hear the desperation in my voice and didn’t hesitate a moment when she said to come right in. They immediately checked all of us and found that all three that had been treated (I was the only one that escaped) still had many live lice and multiple nits. These women not only stayed late and worked tirelessly on my family, but they fed us, entertained us and literally turned the entire event into a lice party.

I cannot say enough good things about our experience at Lice Knowing You©. This company is clearly dedicated to customer service and making their clients feel very special. We have been lice free for many weeks now, but the lice education that was provided to us by LKY will be with us forever. I will always be grateful to you for what you did for my family and you know I will be spreading the word far and wide.

Carol Achtmeyer, RN, ARNP

My daughter has had lice 3 times. The first time she got it, I was a complete basket case and spent a desperate summer doing all the wrong things to get rid of the lice. We almost ended up shaving our kindergartener’s head before the first day of school because we were at our wits end. The 2nd time, our entire family got it – but this time, I found Lice Knowing You©, and what a difference! They combed out my hair and taught me how to treat my family, and in a matter of 4-5 days our family was nit free. This 3rd time, I recognized the symptoms of lice early, took my daughter to Lice Knowing You©, and we were done in a day! I no longer live in fear of those little critters because Lice Knowing You© will give me 100% safe treatment and accurate information to rapidly get rid of the bugs (and help me keep my sanity)! There is a lot of mis-information out there, even among medical professionals. After 2 successful treatments, I feel confident in saying that the professionals at LKY really know their stuff and I recommend them without hesitation.

Client: Jessica T, Puyallup – “Greatful for Lice Removal”

I just want you to know how grateful I am that you were able to get my little girl in on such short notice and at the salon closest to my home. Your staff did such a wonderful job and in no time at all! At a time where I was starting to feel defeated by lice, your company saved me and my sanity. It was well worth the hour and a half drive to the federal way clinic, I will be referring anyone who is having lice issues to you only, I am looking forward to hopefully be seeing a branch in the Puyallup area one day. I am still in awe that after ONE treatment my daughter is lice free.

Client: Maralynn Maltz

Nancy Gordon, CEO of Lice Knowing You© was a Godsend. Our daughter was screened for lice upon being checked in for camp on Devil’s Lake in Oregon. We could not believe our ears or eyes when the nurse said our daughter had nits. Nobody in our family had ever had lice, although we have known many who have over the years. We had always heard about how long it takes to get rid of lice. Our daughter was being so brave and holding back the tears. The camp director pulled me aside and gave me the number for Nancy Gordon in Seattle. She said Nancy might be able to help us and if all went well, it was possible our daughter could go to camp the next day. I could not believe it was possible but called Nancy on the way back home to Salem, Oregon. Nancy was amazing. Since we were 6 hours away from Seattle, we could not visit her treatment salon. She was able to get us supplies and product and told me that she would walk me through everything to do on the phone. Oh my goodness! I worked on my daughter’s hair for many hours that afternoon and evening with Nancy by my side. Between phone calls and email, Nancy was guiding me through each step of the process. I was exhausted but she was tireless. We got up extra early the next morning to do a final comb-through to double check our daughter was lice and nit free. She was squeaky clean. My husband brought her to camp and they said she was completely clear and was admitted to camp. There is no way we could have gotten our daughter back into camp without Nancy’s knowledge, support, compassion, and clear instructions. Thank you so much Nancy!!

Carmel Baird – Sweet Pea Cottage Founder and Artistic Director

This company has supported us in a moment’s notice, during a period of frustration, fear, and lack of knowledge. They’ve stepped in, taken a leadership role, and in a short amount of time, helped our families feel cleaner, healthier, and happier. I highly recommend Nancy and her company to anyone for being incredibly supportive and kind!

Niki M., BSN, RN

Approximately a month ago, my 4.5 year old daughter was diagnosed with head lice. Her school gave me an advertisement from a lice treatment company which uses a hairdryer-like device which claims to kill lice and nits. After speaking with the owner of the company and being told that “it was the only FDA Approved treatment for lice,” I decided to use her service.

Fast forward 1 month, I received a call from my daughter’s school yesterday and was told that she once again had lice all over her hair. I called the company and received a message this morning that questioned where the outbreak was coming from, insinuating that my daughter had gotten reinfested. Neither her school nor my son’s school have had any other cases of head lice this year. While the company offered to come out and re-treat my daughter, no way was I going to pay for another treatment when the first one didn’t work. I realized that I wasn’t taking any more chances. That’s when I decided to call Lice Knowing You©, a head lice removal company with a salon on Mercer Island. Upon inspection at Lice Knowing You©, I quickly learned that there is no way this was a reinfestation. All ages and stages of bugs were in my daughters hair and lots of it. It was clear to me that she never got rid of the head lice. I also ended up having and needed treatment. I can definitively say that the hairdryer service was ineffective and did not work. It never got rid of the bugs. Also found out that this device is NOT FDA approved, but is only FDA cleared strictly for marketing purposes. Even though the company that uses this device swears approval is the same as clearance, I went to the FDA website where it clearly states that FDA clearance on devices is not considered FDA approval. Being a nurse, I feel so duped.

Lice Knowing You© thoroughly cleaned mine and my daughter’s head and guarantees their services for 3 weeks. We will go back in 7 days for a final recheck. The professionalism of this company is amazing as is their combing and I cannot recommend them enough. I have learned that it really is all about the combing and removing every single lice and nit out of the head.

Hal C. Quinn, MD, FAAP – Mercer Island Pediatric Associates

I often refer families whose children have head lice to Lice Knowing You©. Having a child or children with head lice creates significant disruption in a family’s social, educational, and work lives. Their expertise in helping families with this difficult and time-consuming problem is most appreciated and allows families to quickly resume their normal lives.

 Client: The Simmons Family

Nancy, I wanted to express our appreciation to you and your wonderful staff at Lice Knowing You©. My entire family came in for lice treatment about a month ago. When I was told that my daughter had head lice during a haircut appointment I totally panicked! As it turned out my husband, son and I also had head lice and we all needed treatment. I remembered seeing a story about your company on KOMO 4 News not long ago. I looked you up online and made the phone call immediately. You were able to get us in and taken care of that very same day! I am so thankful for Lice Knowing You©! We were completely lice free when we left that day and after following all of your directions we had a completely lice free check up on our last follow up visit! The visit was worth every penny and although I would prefer never to get lice again, I would not hesitate to return to Lice Knowing You© in the event of future needs.

 Carla J. Bauman, M.D., M.P.H.

Once diagnosed with head lice, a non toxic natural and safe approach is preferred. These agents must be in contact with the skin for sufficient time to be effective. Using traditional pesticides in this manner increases the likelihood of systemic absorption. The long term risks of such repeated exposures within a household cannot be determined. The convenience and service of home visits by consultants makes Lice Knowing You© an even more optimal and appealing solution…

 CJO, Preschool Teacher, Seattle, WA

We had a lice problem at our preschool that seemed to be growing. We asked the professionals at ‘Lice Knowing You©’ to come in to do head checks on our 20+ students. They found 6 cases in the early stages and helped us with a huge problem down the road.

I’m the preschool teacher and I was unfortunately one of the cases. I used LKY’S products which involved an enzyme spray and natural oils and a very sturdy comb. After doing a couple treatments and thorough comb throughs I was lice and nit free. What a relief! Other families tried other drug store products and had the problem return. I feel very lucky to have found “Lice Knowing You©” and I found them personable, helpful and very professional. Thanks LKY!!!

Client: Leah S., Bellevue, WA”

Feeling completely helpless after the reinfestation of lice in our home I turned to Lice Knowing You©. I had heard about this innovative new company from a friend and figured that it was worth a try. We were desperate to claim our home back from these annoying buggers. Lice Knowing You© came into our home and educated us on Lice and how to get rid of them for good.Their professionalism and knowledge about the process was superior. Thank you Lice Knowing You© for teaching us how to reclaim our home from lice!”

 Peter Blair, Director, School for Early Childhood at the Stroum JCC

Lice Knowing You© has been invaluable in our process to determine the best practices for dealing with lice in our school. Their staff has been available whenever we needed them. They have an incredible amount of knowledge and have been able to train and equip us to handle lice much better than our previous practice. Their availability to consult with our families and our faculty has also been extremely helpful and has radiated a sense of calm in what used to be a chaotic feeling when cases of lice were discovered.

Our families now feel that we handle cases of lice much better and have even noted that we are “on the cutting edge” with our practice after recently published articles endorsing practices that Lice Knowing You© advised us to use. I highly recommend Lice Knowing You© and their team of professionals, as having them to work with enabled me to focus on the task of running the school rather than being consumed by lice!

Client: Kim Morrison from Langley, WA

My 11 year old girl, along with our family of 5, caught lice from her best friend from California. Her father called and told us that the lice salon said his daughter’s case of lice was so advanced that she had had it for several weeks, which would date back to his visit with us. The search was “on” for me with my family. I searched all heads and kept on searching. I could not find the lice. Tuesday evening my daughter was on the couch reading and I was in the kitchen when I heard a scream, “Mom! Is this what you were looking for?” I went over to her and, sure enough, she had a very mature louse in her fingertips. I combed my daughter’s entire head for 3 hours and she was still totally infested with lice and eggs. The combs were not adequate and I was outnumbered! We went online and found Nancy and Lice Knowing You©.

Claudia, my lice consultant, combed my daughter for 3.5 hours and my 2 year old and I for about 30 minutes each, we had nits too. Success! We all finally felt relief from all of the scratching. The experience with Lice Knowing You© was highly educational and effective. We learned about lice, their habits and how to get rid of them from head to house. Nancy and her assistant Claudia truly care about people. They even 100% guarantee their work if they do the first and last treatment. I would highly recommend Lice Knowing You© for the most effective and friendly way to deal with lice.

Client: JLE, a parent in NE Seattle

When I found out from the doctor that my kids had lice, I felt embarrassed, overwhelmed, and confused. I was also nervous about using toxic, over-the-counter on my young children. A friend recommended Lice Knowing You©, and I’m so thankful for both the recommendation and the service.

Nancy’s team accommodated our busy schedule and came to our house right away to check and comb through the kids’ hair. They were thorough, professional, and great with the kids. Their non-toxic products also gave me confidence that the kids would be treated as safely as possible.

Nancy herself is also terrific. She responded quickly to my many panicked calls and emails, was very reassuring, professional, and discreet. Getting your family and home cleaned and checked thoroughly requires a lot of time and energy. Lice Knowing You© really saved us both, as well as $ – we didn’t need to take off from work and their services were covered by our flexible spending account.

We would recommend them highly.

Client: A.S., Washington

I could not be more pleased with the experience we had with Lice Knowing You©. It was a stressful situation for all of us, and your technicians were great with kids and professional at the same time. Thanks so much for all your help- this service is worth every penny. I’d recommend Lice Knowing You© to everyone, and while I hope not to have to use your service again, would definitely call you again if needed!

Client: L. Marshall, Seattle

Now I know first-hand where the phrase “to nitpick” comes from! After the mayonnaise treatment and the lice comb I had bought from a pharmacy didn’t work, after I had spent over six hours on two days handpicking dozens of nits out of my daughter’s thick, long hair (scraping them with my fingernails to pry them from the hair shaft), I conceded defeat and called Lice Knowing You©.

The Lice Lady (as we called her) arrived at our house and went to work. It turned out that our whole family needed treatment. Their enzymes and essential oils dissolved the glue that held the nits to the hair; their combs were fine enough to drag the lice and nits out. While the Lice Lady combed out my daughters’ hair, my time was freed up to attend to other chores, such as bagging up all the stuffies and pillows and washing all our sheets. After a long evening and follow up morning with the Lice Lady, we were able to declare victory.

Although my husband and I did diligent follow up treatment for a week, we never found another louse or

nit. And the best part about using Lice Knowing You©, apart from the fact that their products really work? Initially, I didn’t have to be the meany, dragging a fine-tooth comb through my daughters’ snarly hair. Our Lice Lady was actually a very Nice Lady, and great with the kids!

Client: L. T. – Green Lake, Washington

I had no idea how difficult it was to get rid of head lice until they invaded our home. We tried for 2 months to eradicate them with no luck. Feeling exasperated, I turned to the internet and found “Lice Knowing You©.” They showed up at my house the same day I called them and within seven days we were lice-free! The staff at “Lice Knowing You©” was not only efficient and effective, but also professional and friendly!! And best of all, their treatment did not involve nasty, ineffective pesticides or chemicals! I would recommend their services to anyone I know and would use them again (though hopefully I won’t have to!)

Client: Kim M. – Sammamish, WA

I knew it was just a matter of time before we had this ‘lovely’ visitor come home with my kids from the school. Thankfully I knew about ‘Lice Knowing You©’ from a neighbor who had used them a few months prior. I called Nancy Gordon from ‘Lice Knowing You©’ in a panic late one evening. They were at my house first thing the next day. It was comforting to know that there is a company out there that offers this service & using non-toxic products was very important to me. They were very knowledgeable & professional & I highly recommend them.

Client: M.D., Washington

Lice Knowing You© came to my house fully prepare to deal with our problem. From the very start, I felt back in control. The technician was completely competent and confident the problem would be over and

done provided we just followed the protocol for seven days. It was hard, but it worked. We’re done! I highly recommend Lice Knowing You© to anyone who finds themselves with these uninvited guests crawling around their home or head. LKY made a potentially awful situation manageable. I don’t think I could have done it without them, or wanted to.

Client: JH, Snohomish

Our experience with this company was nothing but wonderful. The entire staff was very courteous, discreet, professional and friendly. We got a call from the school and didn’t know how to handle the situation. Desperate, we called Nancy and they came in and saved the day, literally! If you find yourself in this situation, don’t try to handle it yourself. There is a lot more to this process and with out Nancy and her team it would have taken months, not days to get our life back to normal.

Client: Ric, Seattle

Our experience with Lice Knowing You© couldn’t have been better. When we learned that a lot of the store-bought solutions are not solutions at all, we called Lice Knowing You© and we are so glad we did. The two biggest issues were really understanding what we were up against, and making sure my son didn’t feel bad in the process. On both counts Lice Knowing You© performed great. Teaching us about the situation enabled us to be confident that the steps we took would rid us of the lice. It was a ton of work, and a lot of laundry and cleaning, but worth it. And with the treatments, it was almost like giving him a haircut, the woman was very friendly and it was clear she does this all the time, and it was all very calm and I think my son ended up feeling like it was no big deal. And having the prevention technique that we still use often, I am confident we won’t have to repeat that chapter again.

Client: Emily, Bellevue

After unsuccessfully trying to eradicate lice from my own head for two weeks I felt like I was going to go insane. The doctors didn’t know how to help me let alone identify a nit! Lice Knowing You© was my saving grace. A trained professional came to my home, did a walk through and told me exactly what to do to exterminate the lice from my home, and then did an incredibly thorough combing of my hair. The consultant showed my me what do to on my own for the following days- everything was so clear! Lice Knowing You© offers amazing customer service and a hassle free solution to the peskiest problem. Thank you!!!!

Client: BJ, Mercer Island, WA

Lice Knowing You©, Inc. was fabulous! We had never experienced lice before, only having heard how horrible and difficult it was to rid one’s family of this problem! We discovered both our children had lice, and I had exactly 24 hours to get rid of these lice before leaving town! Our pediatrician recommended we contact Lice Knowing You© – who immediately came to the rescue, with 2 consultants working on our 2 children, while I followed their instructions and treated all the soft-goods throughout the house. We did the followup treatments as directed, and are thrilled to say we had no recurrence! With my hectic travel schedule, I could have never handled this situation myself, and it was truly worth every penny!

Client: Julie Green, Mercer Island

“It’s every mom’s worst nightmare to discover lice in your child’s hair. Luckily I was given the name of Nancy Gordon of Lice Knowing You©. She came over that day and completely checked everyone in the family, and got rid of the lice. She uses natural products that won’t harm your child; just the lice. I don’t know what we would have done without her. ”

Client: Lisa, Seattle

We were dealing with lice for a long period of time with over the counter Lice shampoos and nitpicking that were not 100% effective. Lice Knowing You© helped us end our lice problem quickly. Lice Knowing You© was very professional and knowledgeable. Well worth the money! I highly recommend their service.

 Client: Susan Marinello, Seattle

I thought I was knowledgeable on treating lice. After repeated outbreaks, I realized we needed help. Our family worked with Lice Knowing You© and they not only eradicated lice from our household, they treated our family with such warmth and compassion. I am and was so grateful.

Client: Shelly, Seattle

When my daughters were both sent home from school with head lice I ran right out and bought all of the over-the-counter kits, combs, shampoos and sprays that I could get my hands on. I tried “natural” products, chemical products and a few old wives’ tales too. Confident that I had thoroughly eradicated the little pests I sent my girls back to school only to have them sent home again! I spent hours “nit picking” and soaking their heads in oil, I washed everything they had ever touched and, once more, sent them back to school. The third time they were sent home I was at my wits end. The school secretary told me about Lice Knowing You© so I made an appointment for the next morning. My only regret is that I didn’t call Lice Knowing You© first! They were wonderful! They came to our home and combed through all five of us. Their products are fabulous, non-toxic, smell great and they actually work. If your child has head lice, don’t bother wasting time and money on other products; just call Lice Knowing, you will be glad you did!

Client: J.E. – Washington

Having lived through one round of lice in our home, I knew what I was up against the second time lice ‘arrived’. I did not hesitate for ONE SECOND to call Lice Knowing You© and have them do their treatment on my daughter. The level of professionalism, the advice, sympathy and overall process was worth EVERY PENNY spent to have piece of mind in knowing my daughter was virtually ‘clean’ the moment they finished her treatment. I could also rest easy knowing neither I, nor our younger daughter had lice. The amount of time and energy I would have had to expend to try and rid my daughter of her head lice would have been exhaustive. Lice Knowing You© saved my sanity!!!!

Client: Connie C., Seattle

I called Lice Knowing You© after my daughter got lice for the 8th time. As I’ve dealt with lice over the years, I’ve broken my washing machine and my dryer, injured my back, and almost lost my mind trying to get my daughter to sit through all the combing. Calling Lice Knowing You© was one of the best decisions I’ve made–it was money well spent. Claudia, the technician, arrived with all the needed supplies. She was lovely, had a great way with kids, and did a great job teaching me how to comb properly and how to clean my house thoroughly. I thought I knew all the tips and tricks, but I learned a lot of new information. I highly recommend this service.

Client: A.A., Shoreline

When I found out my child and home had lice I really freaked out. I immediately called Lice Knowing You© because I had no idea what to do. They were able to send someone to my home that day. The technician put me at ease and quickly went to work on getting the lice out of my child’s hair. She then walked me through my home and told me exactly what to do to make sure the lice were killed and gone for good. I was confident that the lice were gone after I did what she told me to do. I hope this never happens again, but if it does I will call Lice knowing you© again.

Client: S. Yellon, Eugene, Oregon

I just wanted to thank you for your quick response to my lice problem. My mom was the one who actually spoke to you 2 weeks ago when I got it after a trip of hostelling in Canada. Due to your treatment, I was lice free in just a week and prevented any of my friends getting it.

Client: Susan, Seattle

When my 4-year-old was sent home from school with lice I was so upset. I called Lice Knowing You© right away and immediately Nancy had me feeling better about the situation — she was so reassuring. Her excellent team came to help us out and made us feel comfortable with the process. Really they were amazing, and I’m very grateful. Nancy also provided us with tips and information so we feel prepared in case this happens again.

Client: Laura Karl, Mercer Island

After discovering my granddaughter had lice I called Nancy because I was unsure what to do. She couldn’t have been more helpful. She immediately arranged for one of her staff to come to my house, at 8:30 PM when we got home, to comb out Payton’s hair and show me how to care for her from then on. The lovely woman who came was so patient and helpful. After almost 4 hours of combing she left us with confidence and the knowledge that we could conquer this unfortunate problem. Had it not been for their expertise we would not have known how to make this mess disappear.

We followed their advise to the letter and thankfully the lice has gone. I felt good about the products they suggested we use, knowing the environment wouldn’t be compromised.

I would highly recommend using Lice Knowing You© if anyone ever has a lice problem in their home.

Client: Brooke, Seattle

Lice Knowing You© made an initial very unpleasant experience very manageable.

Nancy and her team were warm, professional and very accommodating, coming to our house for the follow up and ensuring that our daughters were lice free and able to return back to school very quickly. In addition, her natural, non chemical materials were a plus. We’ll definitely recommend Lice Knowing You© if another friend or family member needs help! Thank you!

Client: Kris Woerner, Sammamish

When you have a child that has lice, it affects the entire family. It is physically demanding and emotionally draining. Fortunately, Lice Knowing You© is there in the worst of times. Our family was able to cope with the situation better because of the compassion and care that the staff at Lice Knowing You© shows. Our 8 year old daughter had an extremely bad case of lice and she has an extremely thick head of hair.

Our first attempt at removing the lice ourselves was a joke. Live bugs continued to move thru her hair even after the treatment. We called Lice Knowing You© and in less than 24 hours they arrived. When I saw the meticulous care they went thru, I knew we had done the right thing. It was a huge education process for us and Lice Knowing You© took us thru every step. What your company did was truly amazing for our daughter.

Your staff took a very bad situation and made it all seem okay. They treated our daughter with so much care and compassion and brought good humor with them. I tell everyone I know that if they get lice they need to call Lice Knowing You© because they will have a very positive experience. It was worth every penny.

Client: Mary Lynn, Seattle

Imagine my distress when my fourth-grader came home from school with head lice! Fortunately, the school secretary had heard about Lice Knowing You© and I immediately called Nancy. She was sympathetic, informative and available to come to our home that evening. Nancy and her assistant worked hard to ensure that our daughter was lice-free when they left! I would recommend this service to anyone.

Client: Julia, Bellevue

We called Lice Knowing You© after trying for more than a week (unsuccessfully) to rid ourselves of our unwanted guests. The “lice ladies” came right out, didn’t make us feel bad, were so friendly, and got every last nit! I appreciated their thorough approach, and they taught us how to follow through to keep the lice away. Thank you Nancy for your wonderful service!

Client: Stacey E., Bellevue, WA

My daughter’s head was itching and we took her to the doctor only to learn she had lice. Come to find out, her brother had it too. I was flipping out and didn’t know what to do or where to turn. I called Lice Knowing You© and they were amazing. They helped us get rid of the lice in one day. Their advice on how to treat our hair and our house was invaluable.

It was worth every penny. Thank you!

 Client: Eileen G. ARNP, Bellevue, WA

My 7 year old daughter got lice and we could not seem to get rid of it. We treated her several times and each time thought that was the end of it, but they kept coming back. While she was having a playdate, I got a call from her friend’s mom saying she saw some nits in my daughter’s hair. She suggested I call Lice Knowing You© for help and I agreed. That was the end of lice for our family.

Lice Knowing You© Inc. and their technicians are experts at this and I would recommend their services to anyone.

Client: L.B., Mercer Island, WA

Lice Knowing You© was incredibly helpful in treating my family when we found we had lice. I was definitely freaked out but LKY was there with easy to use and non-toxic hair products, a schedule for treatment, and advice on how to clean my house so we could avoid re-infestation.

Client: Julie C., Mercer Island

If you find lice, you want help immediately…you don’t want to wait overnight for treatment. Nancy Gordon of Lice Knowing You© came to our rescue immediately. Within hours, my family of four had been combed out and we knew our treatment plan. No one had to miss a day of school or work. Nancy did such an amazing job on our first comb out that we never found more nits or lice. I know friends that tried to tackle the lice treatment themselves and for days they would find more and more lice. My friends became frustrated, but Nancy made the whole experience manageable and not a traumatic event for me or my children. Lice Knowing You© products are great too. No child leaves my house without a spritz of the Citramint Lice Repellent!

Client: Meg Seattle

If you ask me, your services should be mandatory for anyone dealing with lice!!

Client: Gwen O’Keefe, Seattle

I tried treating my daughter’s lice myself with the drug store stuff, but got the phone call a day later saying she still had it! I found Nancy and Lice Knowing You© and she restored my confidence that we would be able to successfully treat this and get our lives back. The detailed, precise regimen along with the professional, calm help from the staff was worth every penny and is actually “Priceless” as they say in the commercials, for the peace of mind you will get.

Client: Wendi Carter, Woodinville, WA

In the middle of a very carefree summer I discovered what no parent wants to, my child had lice! It was if they dropped out of the sky; I had no idea where they came from! And not only one had it, but as we began to search through everyone’s heads, we found out that five of six of us had had it!! My world turned upside down and I felt hopeless and helpless. I had never even seen them before and knew nothing about these pesky creatures and felt overwhelmed on how to eradicate these critters. After a day of endless cleaning and exhausting nit-picking (with very inadequate over-the-counter combs and products) I turned to Lice Knowing You© for help. They came immediately to our home and with their professionalism and knowledge cleaned through my entire family’s heads, leaving nothing behind, and educated me on what protocol to follow to make sure they NEVER came back! I really appreciated also their use of natural products especially in treating my four children. The biggest thing was the professionalism and education they provided to us about these pests, a knowledge that not even web sites could share. What could have been an endless battle turned into a “quick war” and we got rid of the lice in no time and I was able to do this with all of the anxiety taken out of the equation. The peace of mind, support and care was worth every penny we spent and I recommend this service to anyone who is faced with these horrid pests!

Client: Elaine Stevens, Seattle

The care and attentiveness of “Lice Knowing You©” was great. The treatment was wonderful and smells good too!

Client: Keri, Bellevue

Thank you for turning a stressful situation into a calm, manageable experience. Your friendliness and care made all the difference. Your thoroughness was SUPERB!

Client: JJ, Mercer Island


Honestly–I panicked! Thank goodness for Nancy and her crew. They were professional, calm and extremely knowledgeable. Within 2 hours we had been thoroughly checked, treated and sent home with clear instructions on how to move forward and process our home bedding, clothing, furniture, etc. We felt so well taken care of. Although we are not planning on a repeat, we know who to call. Thank you.

Client: Caren Hazen, Bellevue

Nancy is very accomodating. Got myself and my son in on the morning I called. Claudia is friendly and very thorough. I will highly recommend Lice Knowing You© to all in my community.

Client: Julie, Seattle

We tried to deal with our lice problem on our own. As our frustration grew, we knew we needed help. Nancy and the crew at Lice Knowing You© got rid of all our lice and nits and provided us with the information and supplies we needed to be lice free. They were patient, kind and great with both our girls. I highly recommend them.

Client: SS, Fall City

So thankful Lice Knowing You© could see us right away. When you get lice in your family, the panic you feel is overwhelming. Coming to see “LKY” has helped us realize we can be lice free quickly. But the best part was the therapy–learning what to do, that you aren’t alone going through this process.

Client: Mom of 4, Mercer Island

The day we found out we had lice was overwhelming and these women made our journey manageable and actually enjoyable. My children still ask if they can go see them for their hair to be brushed.

Client: Jessica Dabbs, Snohomish

Thank goodness for Lice Knowing You©! Using their services was the biggest relief of my life having four small children and myself (two girls with LONG hair) that got lice. They were thorough, understanding, knowledgeable and accommodating which are all attributes that are a must when dealing with lice. Thank you so much Lice Knowing You© for starting a company that will deal with this issue! I don’t know what we would have done without you!

Client: Heather MacMillan, Bellevue

I went from a head full of lice to being lice free in 2 hours. It was so reassuring to know that all I had to do was call you to get us on the road to being lice free. Everyone was so helpful and courteous. We are lucky to have you around.

Client: Suzanne Decuir, Bellevue

Nancy and her staff were terrific. Very efficient, knowledgeable and personable. We were not confident we could eradicate the lice on our own and wanted to be sure. So glad to have found them. Worth every cent!!!!

Client: Tracy H. Federal Way

We were dealing with lice for more than 6 months in our two daughters. We kept thinking we got rid of it only to find it back again weeks later. I truly was on the verge of a nervous breakdown and my girls were so stressed out that I cry whenever I think about what I put them through. My doctor finally told me about Lice Knowing You© and they were able to fit us in the same day. I cannot thank this wonderful company and their team enough. They could see how stressed out we were and treated us like we were in the best 5 star hotel. I am happy to say we are now lice free and back to our normal life. Please take my advice and don’t try to get rid of lice yourself. Call Lice Knowing You© and just be done with it. As a side note, my girls are still asking to go see the lice ladies and to play on their indoor swing. If that doesn’t say it all!! Thank you Lice Knowing You©!!!!

Client: The Johnson Family, Mercer Island

We never thought lice would affect our family. Feeling helpless and overwhelmed, a futile attempt was made to comb through our daughter’s thick hair. We soon gave up and called Lice Knowing You©. They put all concerns and guilt at ease, and got the problem under control fast. The staff was professional, and our kids had fun in the process. As parents we were reassured how to take charge of the lice problem and let them do what they do best! Thank you so much for helping out our family in saving valuable time, unnecessary stress, and money to shorten this daunting irritating task!

Client: Stacey Kallen

Lice Knowing You© was wonderful. I was very frustrated because I couldn’t get rid of my lice. I had wasted a lot of time and money. I am glad I came to them to take care of my problem. Now I can go back to work!

Client: Kristin F., Bellevue

Thank you, thank you, thank you Nancy and team. You gave us peace of mind in a situation that could have been a disaster. My daughters and I all had lice and I didn’t even think twice about coming to Lice Knowing You© for help. We are lice free. They were life savers!

Client: Alicia W., Bellevue

My daughter’s birthday party was the next day and my husband found lice in her hair! Crisis! I called Nancy at 9pm on a Friday night and first thing Saturday morning my daughter’s hair was treated! Nancy and her crew are professional and compassionate. If you find lice, call Lice Knowing You©.

 Client: Kim K., Kirkland

Do not waste your time, tears, and money on the over-the-counter lice treatments–they do not, and will not work. After the third round of lice within 3 months, I took the advice of a friend and went to Lice Knowing You©. Nancy and her staff saved us! Not only did she successfully treat our lice problem, she educated us on how to prevent the little monsters from returning! Both Nancy and Claudia are wonderful and are truly the ONLY lice experts around. My family adores them as professionals and friends.

Client: C.N. – Seattle

Nancy turned what could have been a bad experience to one that was manageable. I was so worried the night that I found nits in my daughter’s hair. I called Nancy and she was able to fit us in the next day! She assured me right away that she would be able to get rid of the lice within a week. My daughter and I felt so much better after that first visit. She was able to remove the lice and nits and told us what we needed to do to get rid of them for good. It has been a few months now since we last saw her – and so far so good. I strongly recommend Lice Knowing You© – – Nancy will do a thorough job and she will also give you peace of mind.

Client: Jenn, Woodinville

Lice Knowing You© has saved my sanity on more than one occasion. The knowledge of the staff, their compassion, the thoroughness with which they do their treatments, not to mention the level of professionalism is simply unsurpassed. My daughter actually said she ‘likes the treatment’! I know I sure like the treatment in more ways than one! Don’t spend another minute dealing with lice, let the professionals do it!

Client: TS, Snohomish

Lice Knowing You© made this awful experience into a good one. They got us in right away and the staff is very friendly and reassuring. They answered all of our questions and many more. I would highly recommend their services to anyone.

Client: Dianna, Bothell

We found lice on one child and you feel so lost and alone. We came to Lice Knowing You© and they found it on both kids. But, no more. They cleared us up and we are lice free!! The staff was awesome and friendly, got us right in, friendly kid environment. Would suggest Lice Knowing You© to anyone and everyone.

Client: M.L., Seattle

I want to thank you again for all of your help. What you’re doing is invaluable. I have already recommended you to several people and have told the nurse at our school about your products and services. I also want to give a huge compliment to Claudia. My daughter Mia has Autism and is very sensitive about having her head touched or hair combed. Claudia was so good with her. Mia didn’t cry at all during our 2nd treatment. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. I will….now that we/I are both nit free thanks to you!

Client: Carol Noel, Seattle

Just a quick note to thank Nancy and staff for helping us with our bug problem. I was in such a panic when I discovered lice in my daughter’s hair and suspected that it was in my hair too. The staff at Lice Knowing You© Inc. was amazing! Very knowledgeable, thorough and comforting. Lice is an issue that I wish Seattle Public Schools took more seriously but I feel better knowing there is a service to help us through the removal process. Lice Knowing You© Inc. also gave me the information and tools to handle the infestation should it happen again as well as what to do in between treatments to protect against lice. If you follow the protocol and go to the salon the problem will be resolved quickly without all the stress and emotion. It works! Thank you!

Client: Jennifer, Mercer Island

Everyone at Lice Knowing You© was so professional and thorough. It was a relaxing experience for what could have been horrible. My 2 year old even fell asleep during her treatment! They guide you through the whole process and you leave feeling confident that you are bug free. Thank you Nancy, Claudia, Natasha and everyone at Lice Knowing You©.

Client: Melissa Macgruder

Lice Knowing You© got us in the same day within 2 hours of when we called. The service is thorough and makes sure your lice will not come back. They check each person with multiple sets of eyes and are friendly and do an amazing job. Thank you Nancy, Claudia, Natasha and everyone at Lice Knowing You©.

Client: Geneva Remy, Federal Way

I can’t express what a HUGE stress relief it was to find LKY. They were very professional and helped us combat this difficult situation. I highly recommend them to everyone, especially working parents such as myself.

Client: Carolyn West Seattle

It’s such a relief to know there is a company like Lice Knowing You© in my area. I took the entire day off of work after finding out my daughter had lice. I spent a lot of money at the local pharmacy to buy all the lice removal treatment products and spent over 2 hours of time applying and combing out, only to wake up the next day to check my daughter and find that she still had the lice. Lice Knowing You© was convenient and very thorough in their treatment and removal. My daughter enjoyed watching movies while they did the treatment. They offered great info and my daughter was completely free of lice and nits when we left. I am definitely referring LKY to other parents of kids in my daughter’s classroom!

Client: Genevieve and Simone A., Kenmore WA

OMG! Never had the pleasure of these critters, but my 7.5 year old daughter experienced her first infestation! After spending 2.5-3 hours trying to solve the lice problem, I wasn’t very successful. I happened across this wonderful service on the internet called “Lice Knowing You©”–name definitely caught my attention! I called right away and they happily squeezed us in late on a Saturday afternoon–unheard of! Awesome job and awesome staff, extremely friendly and they know what they are doing. Thanks so much from this grateful mom.

Client: Donna, Seattle, Washington

Hello Everyone! A couple of weeks ago my daughter Rose pretty much broke your record for “longest treatment time” with her long, VERY thick hair. I am so grateful, and so is she (you have no idea) that you were able to save her hair from being cut. I’m happy to report we continue to have no lice. Your professionalism, kindness and caring through the entire process made all the difference in the world. Your staff even calmed my 20 year old daughter (who is hysterically afraid of all bugs) as they checked her.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I will recommend you to everyone I know.

Client: Heidi Smith, Seattle

I wanted to thank you for taking care of my daughter’s lice issue. We had been battling this for over 6 weeks and apparently were not thorough enough to entirely get rid of it. The staff at your facility were very friendly and professional (thanks for the loads of coffee you kept stocked for us!) and we really feel as though our visit was money well spent. I was even more encouraged that all of your products are non-chemical and organic since we had spent weeks of putting harmful pesticide based treatments on my daughter’s hair in a desperate attempt to rid her of this horrible affliction. It was an added bonus that there were VERY cute handbags for sale at the salon as well!! Thank you so much and I will be happy to refer anyone your way who falls victim to these horribly prolific little bugs. We feel so relieved!

 Anna, R.N. Seattle, WA

Lice Knowing You© is an amzing serivce. Not only is their product natural and free of chemicals, but it smells great! The staff at the salon are knowledgeable, friendly and de-mystify all the information out there. If you want the facts about lice, treatment and prevention, give LKY a call.

Sally R., M.D., Seattle, WA

We are so grateful to Nancy and her team. My girls had been thrown out of school, daycare and a hair salon 3 times in 2 months. We had used all of the over-the-counter chemical remedies but kept failing to clear the problem. Now our home smells beautiful (Citramint spray everywhere) and not a nit in sight. The salon is very kid friendly. When we went for our final check, my girls didn’t want to leave. Thank you, thank you.

J. D., Kirkland School Principal

We had an outbreak of lice in many classrooms in our school, and 25% of our students were sent home with live lice or nits. Lice Knowing You© assisted many of our families in their salon, and then Nancy came to the school to help us check our students. Nancy took the time to instruct our staff and interested parents about the best method to detect and remove lice and nits. Nancy is patient and friendly, and all of our students felt at ease. She helped the staff members feel confident about identifying lice and nits when they check the students’ heads. Our “epidemic” was a disruptive experience, but Nancy helped us feel less anxious and more in control of the situation. Her expertise was invaluable in getting that situation under control, and her advice has been so helpful in modifying our Lice Policy and Procedures. I highly recommend Lice Knowing You© to schools or families who are trying to get control of lice!

Maureen Marklin, Executive Director – Whidbey Island Waldorf School

Lice Knowing You© came to the rescue when we had a low level but on-going problem with lice at our school. Nancy and her staff were knowledgeable, confident, and calm. They checked all of the children, provided parent education, and were able to discreetly identify and focus attention on the few students who needed thorough treatment. Their total treatment “kits” were much appreciated by our parents. As an administrator, I appreciated that Nancy is able to give factual information to the parent body and at the same time clearly respect the school leadership’s responsibility to be the decision makers regarding health policy. I recommend Lice Knowing You© to any school as an affordable way to get total peace of mind when dealing with lice at school.

Bronwen, RN MSN, Everett

Although I had only a mild case of head lice, it was distressing none-the-less. I was treated very personably and professionally by the two women who were treating me. The follow-up appointment (for the guarantee) went well and I was glad I followed ALL the advice on home treatment. I am most grateful for the peace of mind that goes along with professional, competent treatment. I understand the quality control is very high and that’s comforting.

Rivy Poupko Kletenik, Head of School – Susan Matalon Office Manager K-8 – Seattle Hebrew Academy

It has been a load off our shoulders knowing and using Lice Knowing You©. Nancy, Claudia and Charlene are both professional and extremely pleasant with our staff, families and students. They have demonstrated their expertise and their graciousness every time we have asked them for help. Lice Knowing You© are people one calls when something of an unpleasant nature is being experience by our students or families. However given that they take charge in a very a-matter-of-fact way, easing the way for all of us. They know what they are doing and they do it with compassion and skill. They are generous and easy to work with. We highly recommend them.

Zach Duitch, Director of Youth and Recreation, Summer Camp Director – Stroum Jewish Community Center

We have worked with “Lice Knowing You©” in conjunction with our Summer Camp Program. The staff of “Lice Knowing You©” came in to our camp and facilitated a seamless check of our campers and staff, in professional and courteous way. Their checks were thorough and precisely executed. They also gave us a plethora of information to pass on to our camp families. Armed with this information, our camp remained Lice free for the duration of the camp season. This was the first summer since our conception that we went without a lice outbreak.

Kids who did have lice were treated onsite by their amazing technicians; who quickly eradicated the lice using organic and natural ingredients, plus it smelled wonderful. We appreciated their time, and above all else, their services, and commitment to professionalism and discretion, with this sensitive and often uncomfortable situation.

We look forward to working with them next year

Sam Perlin, Executive Director – Camp Solomon Schechter

Lice Knowing You© Inc. and Nancy Gordon are a fantastic resource for summer camps! Their method of checking camper heads for lice is far better than we can do on our own with our summer infirmary staff. The treatment method which Nancy uses is a greener and healthier method then conventional treatments and is in line with the goals of our camp; to protect camper health and the environment. Nancy is responsive and easy to work with and her staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Lice Knowing You©, Inc. to all camp directors.

Nicole A., Portland, OR

I just took my son for a head check with Janet at your Beaverton location, following the notification of some lice cases in his classroom at the private school he attends. I could not have been more impressed! From my initial call with her yesterday, to our visit today, she has been amazingly informative, knowledgeable and professional. The clinic reminded me of a little hair salon. Beyond the head check, we purchased some repel and “just in case” products.

I’m going to email the other parents in the class this afternoon to let them know about Janet and the resources available through Lice Knowing You©. I’m also going to place a call to the school principal to make her aware of the company and hopefully prompt them to use your services.

Amidst a not-so-pleasant topic/circumstance, it was a welcome reprieve to find an expert in Janet and the Beaverton location.

To all of you, keep up the good work and thank you! This is a much needed business and resource.

Nicole A., Portland, OR

Patti S., Portland, OR

I understand you are the creator of this amazing business!!!!!!!! Thank you, it really saved my life !!! Janet and her team are so amazing ! I cannot tell you how warm and wonderful she made us feel ! She is so educated and strong yet warm and understanding !!!!In a weird way I’m excited to continue going monthly to visit.
I am your biggest spokesperson I have shared material with school, family neighbors etc……. Janet and team are worth a million!

Thank you ~ Patti S., Portland, OR


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