Lice Removal in Seattle

Did you know that 1 in 4 elementary school kids get lice every year? Lice don’t care whether you live in a cabin or a castle. Lice don’t jump and they don’t fly. Lice move from head to head and will make any person’s head into a new home.

Lice Knowing You© understands lice. We have been treating clients with our natural, non-toxic products for many years and now we are giving you the tools to do your own treatments at home with the the proven Lice Knowing You© Knock-Out Lice Removal System. By using our chemical and pesticide free products, you can get rid of lice quickly and effectively while feeling good about what you are using on your family’s hair. Commercial lice removal products may be easy to buy but studies have found that lice are becoming resistant to these products. In addition, over-the-counter products typically use harsh chemicals that can be rough on the hair and scalp, they are often toxic and can become quite expensive with repeated use.

At the first sighting of possible nits or lice, skip the expensive, potentially dangerous store bought products and visit us at We can show you how to handle the problem with ease, while feeling good knowing that our products are chemical and pesticide free and safe to use on children and adults of any age.

The Lice Knowing You© Knock-Out Lice Removal System contains the tools that you will need to remove head lice for two to three people for an entire seven-day protocol. In addition, we will teach you how to effectively remove lice from the hair with bi-lingual step-by-step instructions in written and video form. Have questions during your removal process? No problem? Contact Us now and we’ll be happy to answer whatever question you may have about your head lice removal. The Lice Knowing You© Knock-Out Lice Removal System is a great value for the peace of mind you will have knowing that your head lice are gone and gone for good using products that are chemical free and non-toxic.

Visit us at   – We care about getting you and your family lice free in a safe and healthy way.


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