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Lice Treatment: Salon vs. Mobile Unit

Lice Salon vs mobile unit

Lice Treatment: Salon vs. Mobile Unit

Your family has lice. You’ve made up your mind to seek professional help (a great decision!). Now, you have to decide: head to the salon, or request a mobile unit to come out to your home?

To Go To a Salon, Or Use a Mobile Service

Our answer, nine times out of ten, is that you should go to a clinic. While we are happy to provide mobile services to our clients – you will have a better lice removal experience in a salon setting.

Reasons why lice removal in our clinic is better than a mobile unit:


1.  Speed & Efficiency. At Lice Knowing You®, there are multiple technicians to work on your entire family at one time.  This saves you time and money and allows you to quickly get back to your normal life.

2.  Comfort. At Lice Knowing You®, there is salon style seating – which is both comfortable for the client and the lice removal consultant. You aren’t sitting in a bathroom or at a kitchen table.

3.  Ideal Conditions for Lice Removal. At Lice Knowing You®, the lighting has been set up perfectly for lice removal and allows the lice removal consultant to see every louse and nit on the head. This allows Lice Knowing You® to perform lice and nit removal in only one treatment, guaranteed.

4.  Thoroughness. At Lice Knowing You®, multiple technicians look at every head – ensuring that every louse and nit is removed from the hair.

5.  Price. Lice treatment is less expensive at Lice Knowing You® because you are not charged the moment you walk in the salon but rather from the time your treatment begins. And, you are only charged for the time you receive treatment. Read more about the cost breakdown.

6.  Ease – In the Salon, We Handle Everything. Lice treatment at Lice Knowing You® takes you out of the frenzy of being at home and the stressful feeling that you need to clean everything just because you have lice. Your stress is alleviated the second you walk into one of our salons and see other people being treated. You will receive a bevy of lice information and will breathe a sigh of relief when you learn that  99% of a head lice issue is on your head, not in your home.

7. Spa-like Environment. From the moment you walk into Lice Knowing You® – you are treated as if you are in a spa.  We offer you coffee, tea, hot chocolate and even wine when needed. We have a candy and snack wall for kiddos (and even parents) to enjoy if desired.

8.  It’s Easier On the Kids. At Lice Knowing You®, kids behave better. Why?

a) Because their parents aren’t doing the lice removal

b) Because they are watching big screen TV’s and playing in the lice free playroom

c) Because meeting new friends who have the same problem is a good thing!

Kids often don’t want to leave after their lice treatment because the Lice Knowing You® lice removal salon is actually fun.

Whatever your decision – visiting a salon or having a mobile unit come to your home – Lice Knowing You® can get rid of your lice problem in a fast, safe and healthy way.

I’m so glad I decided to get treated at Lice Knowing You® when my family had head lice. It was so nice getting out of the house – that I thought was infested – going to the salon, getting treated and then going home knowing that I had minimal work to do. I highly recommend Lice Knowing You® – they take the stress out of lice, for sure!” – A lice-free client.

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