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MYTH: I can’t afford to hire Lice Knowing You©

: Hiring Lice Knowing You© to get rid of your head lice is cheaper than doing it yourself – really! Take the stress out of lice and visit a Lice Knowing You© Salon TODAY! 


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Since 2007, Lice Knowing You® has served the Seattle area. These ten+ years of experience have taught us a lot about lice - how to spot it, how to prevent it, and, perhaps most importantly, how to get rid of it! We know that even the word "lice" is enough to bring the strongest person to their knees. That's why we are committed to using our lice-fighting knowledge to serve families in Seattle and beyond. Because of the years spent perfecting our lice treatment approach, Lice Knowing You® is the most trusted, most respected, and doctor-recommended head lice removal services company in the region. We are your family’s one-stop shop dedicated to getting you and your family lice and nit-free, naturally, in one treatment, guaranteed!

“Thank you for turning a stressful situation into a calm, manageable experience. Your friendliness and care made all the difference. Your thoroughness was SUPERB!” – Shelly Lewin, a happy client

Regardless of where you live or your head lice situation, Lice Knowing You® will help you and your family pick a fight with lice…and win!

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The Latest From Our Lice Experts

When it comes to lice, knowledge is power.

Girl with Lice

Lice: Fact v. Fiction

As lice professionals, we are often amazed by the  sheer amount of misinformation out there about lice. In another post, we go into great detail about the truth about lice, specifically the lice removal industry. But not every bit of misleading advice is spread by a manufacturer who wants you to buy their product. Indeed,…
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Pharmaceutical Lice Treatment

The Truth About Lice Treatments

— And Why There’s Only One You Should Trust. You wouldn’t rush into a medical treatment without evaluating your choices. Why should treating lice be any different? Below, we explain the available lice treatment options – and why there’s only one worth pursuing. Head lice. You may want to scratch your head at the mere…
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Manual lice removal

How to Check For Lice

Wondering if you have lice can be almost as bad as knowing you have lice. It could be that there are kids in your child’s class with lice. Maybe your child came home complaining of an itchy head. Or, maybe you felt something crawling around on your own scalp. Whatever your situation, put those doubts…
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Portland , Oregon Sign

Location Spotlight: Our Portland Lice Treatment Clinic

As many parents know, dealing with lice can be a big pain in the butt. That’s why, when Mercer Island mom Nancy Gordon discovered her talent for eradicating the pests, she began offering her skill to help other parents in the community. In doing so, she founded the first professional lice treatment clinic in the…
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Can Adults Get Lice?

Can Adults Get Lice?

Can Adults Get Lice? The simple answer is yes. Anybody, with any hair on their head, has an equal opportunity to “catch” head lice. That said, there are certain patterns we see regarding the adults that get head lice. Moms Often Get Lice Before Dads While we see lice most frequently in children, the fact…
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A Guide to Super Lice

What are super lice? Is it a plane? Is it a train? No. It’s Super Lice! Unfortunately, not coming to save the day.  I’m sure you are picturing bugs with little capes, but unfortunately super lice don’t look any different than regular lice. Super lice are head lice that have grown resistant to traditional pesticide-based…
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