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The initial discovery of lice can seem scary, overwhelming and gross!  The fact is, that anyone throughout the word can get lice, regardless of race or social economic status. Lice do not discriminate, and in all honesty is more common than many people actually realize. Many families are embarrassed by this discovery, but should rest assured that it has nothing to do with personal hygiene or otherwise. When you do find lice has found its way to you or your family members, action must be taken quickly to prevent the spread of lice to others. Lice Knowing You© offers a professional Monroe Lice Removal & Treatment Clinic, and quality lice removal products.

Lice populate quickly, and due to this action must be taken as soon as nits or adult lice are confirmed. All of our in-salon treatments utilize the most effective combing methods and are 100% safe and free from harsh or dangerous chemicals. We pride ourselves in offering healthy lice treatment and removal services for the entire family, and include a 30 Day Guarantee with any of our services completed in our salon locations.

Our experienced lice removal technicians are sure to rid you of lice in just one treatment, and have everything you need in order to live a lice free lifestyle.

Lice Knowing You© also has developed a full line of lice detection, removal, and prevention products which are safe and are proven to work. All of our products are available for purchase both online or at any of our salon locations.  Don’t attempt to remove lice alone, rely on the professionals at Lice Knowing You© for fast, safe, and proven techniques.

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